South Africa on innovative technologies

On the occasion of the opening attended by the Prime Minister some of the facilities of the new center, and discussed with researchers from the CEA (Atomic Energy Agency and alternative energies) South Africa on innovative technologies for the systems of the future online casino: integration of carbon nanotubes in nanoelectronics, sensors for border security, robot to help disabled people, secure connection systems for public transport, technology-based systems for industrial operations, etc. Funded by the stimulus package recently under the first phase of the builder of the CEA has been completed. It received initial funding in April 2009, a 46 million . In June 2011 the second phase was started, which was funded with 24 million. Since October 2011 the two buildings are the center of the integration of research and industrial nano-INNOV the region (Saclay), more than 350 scientists and engineers at the institute CEA-List (laboratory for the integration of systems and technologies of the CEA) operates South Africans. A third building is under construction and should be completed by the end of 2012.