Year 3: Presentations and Publications

Dec 8, 2014

Fall Semester, 2014 Research Symposium

IGERT MNM Trainees culminate the first portion of their collaborative research endeavors with a Research Symposium on December 8, 2014

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Concluding a highly-interactive semester of background investigation, preliminary writing, meetings with communication through various technology-based media, laboratory research and draft presentations, five groups of IGERT-MNM Trainees and faculty advisors from Norfolk State, Cornell and Purdue Universities met for a Research Symposium on December 8, 2014.  Groups 1 through 5 each made an “end of the research module but not end of the research” presentation covering progress made thus far on their research questions, assessing encountered obstacles, exciting revelations and future objectives for culminating the projects.  The result was five exceptional examples of hard work, persistence, innovative thinking, cooperation and collaboration, with interdisciplinary as well as multi-institutional discovery.  Trainees extended themselves beyond their areas of familiarity, and with the assistance of faculty advisors at each university, constructed well-developed research ideas allowing utilization of aspects of each university’s best resources and infrastructure as well as intellectual acumen and inquiry.


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