Writing Module Syllabus Y4

IGERT – Magnetic and Nanostructured Materials

Norfolk State University, Cornell University, Purdue University

Writing Module, Spring 2014

Group: Teresa Kao, Vanessa Peters, Tasha Zephirin, Marc Murphy

Advising Professor: Dr. Suely Black


Course Description:

This module is designed to help improve your scientific writing skills, with special emphasis on writing documents for engineering education on personal perspectives, and for conferences and/or possible publications. The writing assignments will focus on documents that will be useful in writing for conferences and publication of IGERT group projects. We will receive a lecture from at least two speakers and ask for feedback from faculty as we progress in our writing.

Assignments and discussions during this module will mainly focus on bringing together information from the pedagogy module and the group project. Most of the meetings will be used to write along with receiving feedback from other trainees and faculty.

Course Schedule:

Lectures/Presentations: 1 hr/wk


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the Writing Module, trainees should:

  • Have a general understanding of giving and writing their perspectives based on experiences participating in the pedagogy module as a collaborative effort and being part of IGERT.
  • Work on the mechanics of writing.
  • Have a general understanding of preparation of a conference paper.
  • Have a completed deliverable from the pedagogy module.
  • Be able to write a technical document from outline to final draft.
  • Be able to complete a final draft of a paper for a conference.
  • Be able to begin to compose an abstract and work as a group to co-author.


Lectures/Presentations: (Subject to modification)


  • Have trainees work on their perspectives of the pedagogy module, making sure to include perspectives of collaborating with a student from a different institution
  • Trainees will be given two different articles via DropBox to read and become familiar with the layout and the necessary content for a conference paper.

(one possible option will be paper written by Tasha, Tanya, and Mohammed)

Week 1

  • Short overview of Module
  • Presentation given by faculty member (Dr. Cox hopefully) on preparing data/information for publication, potential conferences to submit, follow up on the pedagogy module and give a critique on deliverables from the pedagogy module
  • Follow up on the reading assignment if time allows
  • Begin working on some type of brainstorming/outline to have for week 3 meeting

Week 2

  • Continuing working on some type of brainstorming/outline to have for week 3 meeting
  • Continue editing deliverable from the pedagogy module


Week 3

  • Work on writing the perspectives
  • Homework: Submit perspective to another trainee (will be assigned) by Friday evening of that week. Any feedback should be sent back to trainee two days prior to next meeting so that the trainee could make revisions.


Week 4

  • Have faculty( Dr. Cox, Dr. Black and ???) to read uploaded reflections in DropBox and give feedback

Week 5

  • Submit perspectives for feedback from faculty members about what has been prepared

Week 6

  • Writing and revising based on comments from faculty
  • Wrap-up of module





Suely’s notes:


Group 1 (4 trainees): Paper on pedagogy module reflections

Group 2 (5 trainees): teaching resource template, rubric template and publication/presentation venues (including high schools), preparing IRB for next year

Group 3 (2 trainees): Commercializing the teaching materials – format, how, advertising venues, offering at other sites, etc.


Fine tune reflections and teaching resources, prepare rubric, participate in delivery at high schools, prepare materials for commercialization

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