IGERT-MNM Research Intellectual Property Protection in the IGERT-MNM


IGERT-MNM Trainees are encouraged to openly share their research ideas with the group in formal and informal settings.

The sharing of the ideas must be treated as confidential, and neither trainees nor faculty should use or transmit these ideas in any form without the written consent of the author.

The sharing of ideas within the IGERT-MNM occur in

1) informal meetings among trainees, and between trainees and faculty,

2) formal IGERT-MNM meetings,

3) documents uploaded in the IGERT-MNM shared folder, and

4) documents shared electronically and as hard copies.

We also use common sense to ascribe authorship of ideas.

Trainees should bring any concerns with intellectual property protection to the attention of the director as soon as they occur so that the case can be treated with expediency.

Trainees are encouraged to contribute to the development of regulations to assist in protecting intellectual property and to ensure an environment of trust that faciliates for trainees’ development of interdisciplinary research skills.

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