Y6-January, 2016

January 26, 2016

Recorder: Kathryn

Attending Trainees: Catherine, Kevin, Irving, Kenny,Tasha, Sonny, Vanessa, Soheila,Teresa, MK, Paulo, Chris, Monique

Faculty: Dr. Black

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: ~2:15 pm

IR Module

Session began with IGERT-MNM Individual Weekly Updates.

Group 1 presentation began with Monique, showing Gantt chart and assessing how initial plans are working out or not working.  MK followed with a status evaluation (Green, Yellow, Red designations) of goals, showing much that must be repeated.  No updates from Donovan and Andre.  Received information that Andre is working on a mock-up and still working to obtain the software.

Group 2 followed.  Sonny opened, with Paulo stating weekly goals and Soheila adding information regarding the lab set-up for the procedures.  Sonny took over describing a new, "complicated' (his words) technique to obtain electrical conductivity measurements of individual particles.

After the presentations, Dr. Black expressed her concern that these presentations are not reflecting what is expected from the groups as a whole and from each individual as to follow through. She indictes she will send out guidelines regarding completing the update information and individual reporting of progress. She also mentions that she needs the responses for the Brazil trip.

Kevin closes out the meeting with clarifications of some details regarding the SciTS evaluations.

Deliverables for Next Week:
  • Everyone needs to inform about intentions for Brazil trip
  • Groups 3 and 4 to present
  • Reminder that ALL individuals in Presenting Groups must be present at 2:00 pm to load presentations, be fully ready to present; Everyone not presenting must arrive no later than 2:05 pm

Meeting Concluded:  ~2:45 pm

Next Meeting:  February 2, 2016


January 19, 2016

Recorder: Kathryn

Attending Trainees: Catherine, Kevin, Irving, Quincy, Kenny, Tasha, Sonny, TJ, Vanessa, Soheila, Teresa, MK, Donovan, Andre

Faculty: Dr. Black

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: ~2:00 pm

IP/Ethics Module

Kenny moderated for the IP/Ethics module content.
Presenting results of IP/Ethics Surveys and inviting group discussion of the results.
  • Presented Team Evaluations in the areas of Expectations, Quality Contributions, Communicating Openly, and Considering Criticism
  • Referenced paper each Trainee was to read: "Improving the Culture of Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Ecology by Expanding Measures of Success".  Addressed distinctions/perceptions of early and later career researchers and indicators of merit for each.
  • Costs, Benefits for early vs. late career researchers highlighted
  • Discussion of tenure

Kenny offered a definition of the term "early career researcher", and shared some of his own original misconceptions regarding the process/transition from graduate student to career researcher, noting there is not such a clear delineatin between the two.  Often the "benefits" of the latter perceived as "automatic", which is not often the case in reality.

Perspectives from members in each group on what they see as underrated contributions, basic minimum skill requirements.  Discussed how IGERT has provided benefit as a collaborative experience.  Consideration of how "measures of merit" in the IGERT correlate with that in outside research groups.

Referenced back to critique tips:
  • Sandwich Method
  • Focus on Situation, not Person
  • Specificity in Feedback
  • Speak for Yourself when in a Group

In this regard, Trainees gathered into local groups at each site (or for off-site individuals, by Skype or some similar means), to discuss one anothers' pitches, successes and struggles, to review and critique each represented group's experience. Reconvened together after about 10-15 minutes to discuss.

Meeting concluded ~3:30 pm

Next Meeting:  January 26, 2016


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