Y6-December, 2015

December 1, 2015

Recorder: Kathryn

Attending Trainees: Soheila, Kevin, Paulo, MK, Cansu, Donovan, TJ, Teresa, Kenny, Catherine, Irving, Andre, Chris, Kenny

Faculty: Dr. Black

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: ~1:30 pm

IGERT IR Module Continuation

Group "Pitch" Presentations

Group 1 gave the first presentation; Development of a Bladder Control System Using a Closed-Feedback Loop

Members: MK, TJ, Monique, Donovan, Andre' and Chris
MK began with mention of Gantt Chart, readjustments made in the time frame for preparation of some of the NSU aspects of the project (electrode fabrication; DAQ system)
TJ clarified aspects of the Cornell preparations involved (ink characterization, photopolymerization rates, cure depth)
Donovan addressed the free license possibility for software, since project is educational endeavor.
MK further mentioned some modifications in the proposal relative to NSU updates in timing, and TJ continued regarding Cornell portions.
MK concluded with update of projected goals based upon the modifications of the schedule.  Some discussion also ensued with Dr. Black regarding the free license.

Group 2 deferred until the next meeting, December 8, 2015

Group 3 presented next:  The Science of Team Science

Members:  Kevin, Catherine, Irving, Tasha

Kevin began, discussing some of the background regarding collaborations and their ups and downs.
Catherine picked up next, addressing the mixed methods approach the group selected to conduct the study. She also mentioned "discourse analysis" as a part of the data collection and evaluation at a deeper level.
Irving then discussed the timeline. Dr. Black inquired as to both the timing and format for the interviews of the group being studied.

Group 4 gave the final presentation for this week: Revisiting SPASERs

Members:  Kenny, Vanessa, Teresa, Rabia

Kenny initiated with a definition of SPASERs and a comparison with LASERs.
Teresa then mentioned some applications for SPASERs in biomedical research.
The development of the silica shell, creation of the gold and silver nanoparticles and the high gain dye were explained, including the challenges faced.
The group's forward movement with the project were addressed further by Teresa, and she also described Vanessa's tasks regarding the planned characterization of the SPASERs once fabricated, loaded and ready.

Some discussion of Winter Retreat, with mention of the idea of a Job Search Panel, since several Trainees are graduating in May and in the process of interviewing, seeking positions, etc.

Meeting was shorter than usual, and Dr. Black asked all to prepare for a longer one possibly on December 8th.

Deliverables for Next Week:

Reminder to upload bios and headshots to DB.

Group 2 Pitch Presentation

Ethics Module will start on December 8th.

Two surveys to be completed prior to the December 8th meeting:
One was sent out on December 1st, and needs to be submitted by December 3rd:  Very brief.

A paper will be distributed through email from Dr. Black (to be sent out Friday).

Please read the paper BEFORE completion of the second survey, which needs to be submitted by meeting time on December 8th.

Meeting Concluded:  ~2:15 pm

Next Meeting:  December 8, 2015


Next Meeting:  January 19, 2016


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