Y5-March, 2015

March 25, 2015

Recorder: Kathryn

Trainees Attending: Vanessa, Monique, MK, Kevin, Srujana, Rabia, Andre, Catherine, TJ, Sonny, Teresa, Kasia, Donovan, Irving, Quincy

Staff: Kathryn

Dr. Black was unable to attend this week.

Meeting Called: ~12:10 pm


Final week of Intellectual Property and Ethics Module.

Four student groups presented information on three topics per group relevant to IP and Ethics in various professional settings,with reference to unique applications in academic, industrial, entrpreneurial and government operations.

Group 1 (Catherine, MK and Vanessa) covered Topics 1-3; Group 2 (Kevin, Rabia and Sonny) took Topics 4-6; Group 3 (Monique, Soheila,Teresa and Kasia) addressed Topics 7-9; and Group 4 (TJ, Irving,Tasha and Quincy) tackled Topics 10-12.  Andre moderated the session, prepared by Srujana, Donovan and Andre.


First week in the Pedagogy modue, with Catherine and Tasha as leaders.


March 18, 2015

Recorders: Irving/Kathryn

Trainees Attending: Vanessa, Monique, Irving, Rabia, Soheila, Kevin, MK, Donovan, Andre, Srujana, TJ, Sonny, Teresa, Kasia

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: ~12:10 pm


Intellectual Property and Ethics Module:  Week 2

Groups performed skits created to demonstrate realistic ethical challenges one could potentially face as a researcher.

  • Group 3:  The Unethical Thief--Monique, Soheila, Teresa and Kasia
  • Group 1:  The Indifferent Boss and Overstepping Collaborative Boundaries--Vanessa, MK and Catherine
  • Group 2:  10 Tips to Maximize Your Mentoring--Rabia, Kevin andSonny
  • Group 4:  Collaborative Backfire--TJ, Irving, Quincy and Tasha

Questions related to each scenario were posed and discussed.

Next Meeting:  March 25, 2015

Deliverable for next meeting:

There are twelve topics with five questions that should be answered. The twelve topics are split between the four groups; Group 1 has topics 1,2 and 3; Group 2 has topics 4,5 and 6; Group 3:  7,8,9 and Group 4: 10,11,12. The five questions must be answered for each topic (short answers around three or four sentences per response).


  1. Intellectual Property [IP] policy (overview of what it is)
  2. NDA or mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
  3. Memorandum of Understanding
  4. Statement of Work
  5. Exclusivity
  6. Dispute Resolution
  7. Termination and IP
  8. Award of Subcontracts or Royalties
  9. Division of Labor
  10. Teaming Agreement
  11. Patenting
  12. Non-compete (non-compete agreement)

Questions for topics

  1. What is it?
  2. How is it used?
  3. How should you use it in academia?
  4. How should you use it in industry?
  5. How should you use it as an entrepreneur


March 4, 2015

Recorder: Vanessa/Srujana

Trainees Attending: Vanessa, Donovon, Andre, Srujana, Rabia, MK, Kevin, Catherine, Tasha, TJ, Sonny, Kasia, Teresa

Faculty: Dr. Black

Meeting called: 12.10 pm


- Rabia, Vanessa and Kasia gave presentations on their research proposals (writing module)

- Ethics module Kick-off:

  • Brief introduction of Ethics in research
  • Ethics in Collaboration research
  • Went through 3 case studies on collaboration research  and  followed by discussions

- A skit was performed by Donovon and Andre on collaborative research between a doctor and IBM company

-There will not be a meeting on March 11th due to NSU’s spring break

-Deliverable due for the following week, March 18th: Design a skit giving an example of a collaborativeethical issue. This should be done within the groups assigned by Dr. Black and within the range of 5-10 minutes. Formative and Summative assessment questions specific to skit should also be formulated for the audience.

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