Y5-April, 2015

April 29, 2015

Recorder: Rabia Hussain


Students: Catherine, Tasha, Vanessa, Irving, Soheila, Kevin, Rabia, Andre, Quincy, TJ, Sonny, Teresa, Donovan, Monique

Faculty: Dr Black,


-       Meeting began at 1200 noon with updates by junior and senior trainees

on their assignments.

-       Today’s focus topic was “How People Learn (HPL)?”- Community Centered Learning.

-       Weekly readings are in the respective folder.

-       Questions based on these readings are due by next Monday 500 pm.

-       Update slides are due next Thursday by 900 am.


April 15, 2015

Recorder: T.J. Wallin

Trainees Attending: Teresa, Sonny, Kasia, T.J., Tasha, Andre, Donovan, Monique, Kevin, Irving, Quincy, Vanessa, Srujana, MK


Faculty: Dr. Black

Meeting Called: 12:00 pm

Week 3:  Pedagogy Module

Third session of this year's module, instructed by Purdue Trainees Tasha

Weekly overview was given by Tasha before group updates were given by Junior and Senior Trainees.  Suggestions include: being aware of constraints and limiting scope appropriately, using appropriate action verbs for learning objectives so assessment is easier later on.  Tasha then led the instruction on assessment.


Next Meeting:  April 22, 2015

Deliverables for next session:

Continue working on projects, making sure update slides (Jr. trainees slides are about “Enduring Understanding and Assessment Triangle”; Sr. trainees are about final product) are uploaded to Dropbox by Wednesday morning.  Each Trainee submits to Catherine and Tasha discussion questions based upon the readings for the week, due by 5 pm Monday, April 20th.


April 8, 2015

Recorder: Monique Farrell

Trainees Attending: All Cornell, Purdue and NSU

Faculty: Dr. Black

Meeting Called: 12:00 pm

Week 2:  Pedagogy Module

The meeting began with updates from the junior trainees. The junior trainees are in groups of 2 or 3 and were asked to come up with a couple of potential topics that they will be designing their activity/lesson plan around.

Kevin Tanyi and Min Kim,
Magnetism, Magnetic Energy
  • Would like to create an activity/lesson plan that will allow students to get a feel of magnetic fields
  • Introduce how magnetism arises in elements
  • Introduce energy aspect (orientation of magnet in an external magnetic field)
  • Would like to showcase applications in daily life and research

Kasia, Monique and Soheila

  • Define relationship between wavelength and energy and color
  • Define equations used to understand these observables
  • Define relationships between frequency and wavelength
  • Create an activity where they can measure the energy of certain colors
  • How do we use energy in different power meter
  • Create an activity that students can do themselves

Donovan and Srujana

  • Gold nanoparticles
  • What is the nanometer and the scaling
  • Total internal reflection experiment

Senior trainees were charged with brainstorming 2 or 3 learning experiences that they could design and that would be beneficial for their future goals/career

Responses from senior trainees ranged from creating video tutorials relating to tough concepts in their science to the creation of 4 week and semester long courses to be used for personal practice and or job applications.

The IGERT trainees also had to submit critical questions about the readings form the week prior and discussions surrounding those questions were facilitated.

The instructional material presented this week included:

  • Overview of Wiggins and McTighe (1998) Backward Design
  • Phases in an inquiry type experiment
  • Backward Design
  • Difference between
    • Communicating with teachers
    • Communicating with students
    • Pros and Cons of using equations in a lesson plan (possibility of math anxiety)
    • Effective communication strategies

Next Meeting:  April 15, 2015

Deliverables for next session:

Junior Trainees

  • —Select your topic and grade level for the final project with your partner/group
  • Develop learning objectives for the activity
  • —Questions teachers can ask students as a warm-up to the activity
  • —Background reading for teachers about the scientific context (~1/2 to 1 page)
  • —Prepare 1 slide with your partner to present this material to the group (deliverables folder, dropbox     Y5 pedagogy)
  • —Check in with your mentor(s)

Senior Trainees

  • —Select your learning experience and describe your audience/context
  • —Develop learning objectives for the experience
  • —Short intro/hook to initially engage the audience (e.g. questions, video, demo, activity, etc.)
  • —Preparatory materials for your learning experience (e.g. reading, exercise, expected prior   knowledge)
  • —Prepare 1 slide to present this material to the group (deliverables folder, dropbox Y5 pedagogy)
  • —Check in with your mentees

Junior and Senior Trainees

  • —Readings for next week are on Dropbox:
  • IGERT-MNM/Modules/Teaching and Learning/Pedagogy 2014/Week 3
  • —Critical discussion questions to Catherine AND Tasha (cberdanier@purdue.edu, tkzeph@purdue.edu) by Monday @ 5, update slides on Dropbox by Wednesday at 9 am (so we can put them in the ppt)
  • —Deliverables from the previous slide to be discussed during the report-out time


April 1, 2015

Recorder: Andre Taylor

Trainees Attending: Rabia, Quincy, Vanessa, Monique, Donovan, Andre, Srujana, MK, Kevin, Soheila, Sonny, Teresa, Tasha, Catherine

Faculty: Dr. Black

Meeting Called: 12:00 pm

Week 1:  Pedagogy Module

First session of this year's module, instructed by Purdue Trainees Catherine and Tasha and overseen by Dr. Monica Cox.

Major points of session:

  • Curriculum plan & outline, deliverables, nature of work.
  • Evaluation link-Qualtrics
  • Design of work/curriculum : Backward Design
  • Evaluation of activity
  • Content selection : Discussion, types of assessment, class room assessment techniques
  • Weekly deliverables : Pick topic (2/3) activities to work on. Integrate IGERT (interdisciplinary work), relate to your research work. Refer to slides for more info.
  • Ended on time, ~1:30 pm

Next Meeting:  April 8, 2015

Deliverables for next session:

Groups meet to discuss ideas for curriculum.  Each Trainee submits to Catherine and Tasha discussion questions based upon the readings for the week, due by 5 pm Monday, April 6th.

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