Y5-September, 2014


September 29, 2014

Minutes by: Vanessa Peters

Attending Trainees: Kevin, Irving Cashwell, Thej Tumkur, Monique, MK, Srujana, Rabia Hussain, Teresa Kao, Sonny Penterman, Vanessa Peters, Kasia, Donovan Thomas

Faculty: Dr. Black, Dr. Yoon, Dr. Noginova, and Dr. Liddell-Watson

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: 2pm

  • Dr. Black spoke about what is expected of each group:

- For the remainder of this module, when we meet, there will be a short seminar given by a faculty member, followed by a presentation by two groups.

- The presentation schedule is in the DropBox, in the Documents folder, and is labeled 2 Meeting 2- Directions. There are two groups that are listed in the table for each date, the first group will be giving their practice run of their presentation (5 minutes). The second group (which is in bold) will be giving their full presentation (10 minutes). Participation by all group members is highly encouraged.

- All groups should be meeting weekly and placing minutes, related literature, etc in their folders in the DropBox underneath the Group Activities Folder.

  • Dr. Liddell-Watson presented a 20 minute talk on Photonic Crystals, Photonic Bandgaps, and mesophases
  • Group 1, consisting of Rabia, Sonny, Kevin and Irving, presented their full research presentation on "Assembly and Characterization of Fullerenes"


Next Meeting:

  • Dr. Shepherd will give a seminar on his research
  • Group 2 will give their full presentation (10 minutes) on their collaborative research project and the progress that has been made.
  • Group 3 will give their practice presentation.

Meeting adjourned: 3:05pm








September 22, 2014

Minutes by: Kathryn Simmons

Attendance:Trainees: Vanessa, Thej, Rabia, Srujana, Kevin, Min, Andre, Monique,  Irving, TJ, Sonny, Teresa, Tasha

Faculty: Dr. Black, Dr. Bonner

Staff: Tanya, Kathryn


Meeting Called: 2 pm

  • Groups presented rough draft research schedules, logistics and plans.  Group 5 spoke first: “Studying Multi-Institutional Interdisciplinary Research: Toward a Model for Planning and Evaluating Research Collaborations”, presented by Tasha, in behalf of herself, Catherine,  Dr. Cox and Dr. Black.  Tasha noted the unique character of this project as an educational research endeavor rather than a laboratory experience, and particularly mentioned the criteria for unbiased data collection and evaluation.
  • Group 1 presented next:  “Assembly and Characterization of Fullerene
    Microcrystal Structures”, with Sonny speaking in behalf of himself, Rabia, Kevin, Irving, Dr. Natalia Noginova, Dr. Pradhan and Dr. Liddell-Watson.   Sonny mentioned the 4 groups of fullerene structures to be characterized in this project, and delineated tasks specific to Cornell and NSU for effective forward progress.
  • Group 2 followed:  No specific title.  Min presented initially for this group, which includes himself, Monique, Donovan, TJ, Dr. Shepherd, Dr. Pradhan and Dr. Yoon.  Min described ideas under consideration for this group, particularly citing the challenges of the neurosensing component of the project.  TJ added additional insight into the soft robotics elements, with reflection of challenges and potentially feasible options.
  • Group 4:  “High Gain Media Project”, opened by Vanessa.  Group includes herself, Thej, Andre and Teresa as well as Dr. Mikhail Noginov,  Dr. Wiesner and Dr. Bonner. Vanessa clearly stated the goals of the project, division of tasks for the NSU group members and a schedule for future meetings.  Teresa included an explanation of the Cornell tasks and intended prep of materials for NSU characterization.  Andre noted involvement with the mathematic calculations and optical set up.
  • Group 3:  “Synthesis and Optical Studies of Ag Gyroids”, introduced by Srujana, in behalf of herself, Thej, Kasia and Andrew, a Cornell undergraduate summer researcher at NSU. Drs. M. Noginov, U. Wiesner and C. Bonner serve as faculty advisors.  Kasia described the synthesis elements of the project from the Cornell end, and Srujana further described the optical characterization aspects from NSU’s end.  Again_ Thej told them both they did great (sorta joking…)
  • Dr. Black questioned each group briefly on general information and suggested the following for more distribution of tasks in the preparation and presentation aspects:
    • Designation of individual group members to research background information for preparation of slides to be included in the final presentation
    • Individuals performing literature search contributions for referencing in the presentation and to enhance progress in writing the proposals next semester.
    • Each member needs inclusion at the “presentation forefront” to some extent.
    • Exhorted all to be sure to present slides to advisors prior to presenting at the group meetings.

Assignments for Next Meeting:

  • Continue to upload information regarding individual group meetings, dialogue with advisors, completion of tasks and distribution of tasks as assigned in guidelines.
  • Groups 1 and 2 should be prepared to present:  G1 will offer a more comprehensive presentation; G2 will give a shorter, draft version.
  • Drs. Liddell-Watson and Natalia Noginova to give seminars.

Meeting adjourned at ~330 pm

NEXT MEETING:  September 29, 2014 @ 2 pm


September 15, 2014

Minutes by: Kathryn Simmons

Attendance:Trainees: Vanessa, Thej, Rabia, Amanda, TJ, Teresa, Catherine, Tasha, Srujana, Monique, Kevin, Donovan, Irving, Min, Andre, Kasia

Faculty: Dr. Black, Dr. Bonner

Staff: Tanya, Kathryn

Meeting Called: 2 pm

  • Introductions by all in attendance, followed promptly by Dr. Black's presentation of groups, guidelines and goals for the Interdisciplinary Research Module.  Relevant files are in Dropbox under “Documents” and have names starting with “2”.  Brief mention of IGERT Retreat at Cornell in January, 2015.
  • Overview of IGERT-MNM website by Tanya, including minute recording, uploading, editing and weekly schedule for all Trainees rotating responsibility for updating Minutes and Activities tabs on website.
  • Dr. Black further elucidated goals for the semester through a rubric, and showed how to upload items to Dropbox, stating specifics for titling of documents.  She presented the guidelines for writing a White Paper, and referenced the Spring Semester task of writing a GRF or PRF proposal according to prescribed guidelines.

Assignments for Next Meeting:

  • Groups are to identify weekly meeting time and format (Skype, Google +)
  • Obtain direction about project from advisor
  • Define how team will divide tasks, keep all engaged, effect timely completion
  • Distribute tasks for preparation of presentation slides (maybe one leader, one assistant, with feedback from all of group)
  • Draft presentation slides, even if very "drafty", with all elements stated in guidelines present, and upload to Dropbox [properly titled and into appropriate folders]
  • Upload record of group meetings and discussions to Dropbox

Meeting adjourned at 3 pm

NEXT MEETING:  September 22, 2014 @ 2 pm


September 8, 2014

Minutes by: Tanya David

Attendance: Senior Trainees: Vanessa, Thej, TJ, Sonny, Tasha, Quincy,Rabia, Kasia, Catherine,Teresa, Amanda; Junior Trainees: Srujana, Monique, Kevin, Donovan, Irving, Min, Andre

Faculty: Dr. Black, Dr. Noginov, Dr. Noginova, Dr. Pradhan, Dr. Umbach, Dr. Weisner

Staff: Tanya, Kathryn

Meeting Called: 2pm

1) Research Symposium: Senior trainees presented potential research ideas for collaborative research between Cornell, Purdue, and Norfolk State Universities. Junior Trainees presented their skills, research experiences, and research interest.

2) Trainees and attending faculty complete and submitted comment sheets to be reviewed by Dr. Black.

3) Fall IGERT meetings tentatively Monday 2 pm - 4 pm

Next Meeting: September 15th

Assignment for Next Meeting: None

Meeting adjourned at 4pm



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