Y5-November, 2014


November 24, 2014

Minutes by: Kathryn

Attending Trainees: Catherine, Tasha, Sonny, Teresa, Rabia, TJ, MK, Dr. Wiesner, Kevin, Vanessa, Thej, Irving, Kasia, Srujana, Andre

Faculty: Dr. Black, Dr. Wiesner, Dr. Noginov

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: 2:10 PM  (209 MCAR, NSU)

Meeting opened with a presentation by Dr. Uli Wiesner from Cornell, titled "From Nanoparticles to Metamaterials", giving background research information aligning with Group 3's and 4's research projecst.

Following Dr. Wiesner's seminar, Group 3 presented the latest updates on their project, "Synthesis and Optical Studies of SIlver Gyroids". Srujana opened with an explanation of background, objectives and applications. Kasia continued with an update on progress toward synthesis of the polymeric blocks and backfilling to create the silver gyroids, Srujana followed with information addressing the intended optical studies possible after the synthesis of the gyroids and Andre added discussion of the photonic band gap modeling and simulation of the 3-D planned 3-D metamaterials.

Group 4 presented "High Gain Media Project", opened by Andre stating the overview and goals.  Thej then described background motivation for the project, and Teresa described the platform for achieving the goals; specifically use of mC Dots for encapsulating a high gain dye. Vanessa detailed characteristics of suitable dyes, and Teresa showed absorption spectra for trial samples. Vanessa further described plans for optical characterization once the mC Dots assimilated with dye are ready, and brief discussion of theoretical calculations followed.


Next Meeting:  December 1, 2014

Presentations from G3, G4 and G5
Ethics and IP module in January @ Cornell and then the white paper modules.
Future discussions for upcoming pedogogy


November 17, 2014

Minutes by: Monique Farrell

Attending Trainees:  Kevin, Monique, Irving, Andre, Rabia, Vanessa, Thej, Donovan, MK, Quincy, Catherine, Tasha, TJ, Kasia, Teresa, Sonny

Faculty: Dr. Black, Dr. Bonner, Dr. Shepherd

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: 2:00 pm

Dr. Bonner presented on the functionalizing of magnesium to produce biodegradable bone implants.

Updates from Groups

Group 1:  Assembly and characterization of fullerene microcrystals
Current goals:  Explore single crystal studies, temperature variations, optimizations, most interested in NSOM results and would like to see reflectance measurements.

Group 2:
1.  Synthesis of Cobalt Ferrite NPS
Still To Do
4.  Synthesis of hydrogel

Group 3: Synthesis and characterization of gyroidal silver metamaterials
1. Synthesis of template for silver gyroids
2. Learned that they need to neutralize samples with basic solutions
Still to do
3. NSU is still responsible for optical characterization
4. Andre will get help from a gentleman who created original simulations to assist in their work.


Meeting concluded ~3:15 pm

Next Meeting:  November 24, 2014

Dr. Uli Wiesner to present
Groups 3 and 4 to give presentations


November 10, 2014

Minutes by: Catherine

Attending Trainees: Catherine, Tasha, Sonny, Teresa, Rabia, TJ, Monique, Donovan, MK, Dr. Watson, Kevin, Vanessa, Thej, Irving, Kasia, Srujana

Faculty: Dr. Black, Dr. Yoon, Dr. Liddell-Watson

Meeting: 2 PM

Dr. Yoon presented “Optical and Electrical Sensing for Closed Loop Bladder Control after Spinal Cord Injury.”

Group 2 shared their research updates, which align with Dr. Yoon’s research

Expectations of IGERT Trainees clarified in terms of group work and collaboration

Next week: Draft report due.  Groups 1 and 2 will be doing a “show and tell” of their white papers to talk about their group dynamics and collaboration strategies.

Catherine, TJ, and Monique shared brief reflections from the National Educators Workshop that was held Nov 2-5 at North Seattle Community College in Seattle, WA. They will be writing a blog post for the website with their reflections as well.


November 3, 2014

Minutes by: MK

Attending Trainees: Kevin, MK, Rabia, Sonny, Tasha, Catherine, Srujana, Irving, Donovan, Teresa, Kasia

Faculty: Dr. Black, Dr. Cox, Dr. Noginov

Meeting Called: 2pm (Room MCAR 209)

Presentation by Dr. Cox on engineering education connecting graduate student across disciplines

-Write while conducting research.

G1 presented preliminary draft presentation

Few requirements for IGERT

-Require everyone’s attention and effort on projects to expose to new things.

Now arranging details of winter retreat

Need some feedback from advisers

Next Meeting: November 10

Dr. Yoon is tentatively scheduled to give a seminar on his research

Group 5 will give their full presentation (10 minutes) on their second phase collaborative research project and the progress that has been made.

G2 will give their second phase draft presentation

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