6/9/2011 Tanya

Attendance:  Rabia, Lei,  Mohammad, Alex, Olu, Tanya, Taina, Amanda, Tasha, Kavitha, Tom,  Dr. Black


  • IGERT-MNM Retreat Wednesday June 15th to Friday June 17
  • Complete Requested Information from Dr. Black by Friday June 10th (see Meeting Agendas)
  • Place Grant number, IGERT Logo, and Institution Logo on all Posters (see IGERT MNM)
  • All posters can be printed at NSU.
  • Revise your own Trainee Research Summary and place it above your original on Trainee Research Summary by Friday June 10th
  • Revise the Summary above your name on Trainee Research Summary using track changes or balloons and email to Dr. Black.


-Complete Requested Information from Dr. Black by Friday June 10th Meeting Agendas

-Revise your own Trainee Research Summary and place it above your original on Trainee Research Summary by Friday June 10th before 12 noon.

-Research Summary Model: short introduction of who you are, followed by some general text about your research, and some more technical text at the end.

-Using track changes or balloons in microsoft word, revise the newly corrected  research Summary for the person above your name on Trainee Research Summary, and email it to Dr. Black. Do not put on the website.          (Rabia revises Tom's; Tom revises Kavitha"s; Kavitha revises Tasha's; Tasha revises Tanya's; Tanya revises Mohammed's; Mohammed revises Amanda's; Amanda revises Lei; Lei revises Taina's; Taina revises Olu's; Olu revises Rabia's)


6/1/2011 Tanya, Chanel

Attendance:  Rabia, Lei,  Mohammad, Alex, Olu, Tanya, Tasha, Kavitha, Tom, Chanel (observer),  Dr. Black, Dr. Cox, Dr. Umbach


  • Next meeting TBA
  • Homework is due Wednesday 6/8 at 12pm
  • If anyone has any problems completing an assignment  please send an email before the meeting.
  • Past due assigments must be submitted before the retreat.
  • Feed back about the assignments will be given to each student during the retreat.
  • Date and time of "round table" meeting with the evaluators will be sent by email.
  • Check with advisor about research Poster for  the retreat.


-post your evaluation of the previous modules in Training for Independent Research

-contribute to IGERT CMS website

-Complete Doodle Polls by Lei and Taina ASAP

DUE ON  AT Wednesday 6/8 at 12:00 NOON TO TASHA'S EMAIL INBOX

-using your lesson plan that you completed for Assignment #3 (see below for reminder), apply STAR Legacy outline and implement strategies for each part of the cycle.

-Reminder Assignment #3: Based on your research topic or some aspect of nanotechnology education that you would like to teach/communicate with, design a lesson plan by using the Backward Design template.

-Refer to the reading "Challenge-Based Instruction- the VANTH" and Module #4 powerpoint to complete the assignment

STAR Legacy Framework Summary:

The Problem: a question to a problem; may be a general or specific and guided question.

General Ideas: statements given to see how knowledge is applied towards solving the problem (or question given); generates and demonstrates what students know; can facilitate open brainstorming/ idea sharing

Multiple Perspectives: utilizes outside resources to qualify topic under consideration

Research and Revise: apply original idea to solving the problem; revise original idea based off information or lack of information from the orginal idea; use other resources in revision

Test Your Mettle: Assessment of learning; revisit "Research and Revise"

Go Public: Final conclusions commincated by students; presentations, articles, publications, etc.

For further information refer references: http://eecs.vanderbilt.edu/courses/eece116/Challenge-based_model.htm



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