2011 Outreach at Campostella Elementary School

Sponsored by: NSF PREM, a partnership of NSU, Cornell University and Purdue University, with participation of CMR Students and NSF IGERT-MNM Trainees

Saturday 16th Apr. 2011 (10:00am to 2:30 pm)

Activities by Norfolk State University (NSU)

1. Chemical Volcano (Leader: Tanya David (PhD/NSU)); delivered by : Jaleesa Brooks, Andrew Yakim and Chanel King (MS/NSU)):
Chemistry and chemical reactions are a part of your daily life. Learn how to make colorful volcanoes using inexpensive grocery products, while observing changes in matter during reactions.

2. Slime (Leader: Tanya David (PhD/NSU)); delivered by : Heng Li (PhD/NSU), Vashti Campbell(NSU Chemistry), and Melissa Delima (NSU Teacher program), Thej Tumkur (PhD/NSU), Rabia Hussain (PhD/NSU)):
We use plastics in so many ways. There are different kinds of plastics. Did you know that slime is a plastic material? Come make (and take home) slime using glue and borax – be a plastic maker!

3. Liquid Nitrogen (Leader: Tanya David (PhD/NSU)); delivered by : Andrew Yakim (MS/NSU), Marcus Wiggs (MS/NSU), Meric Arslan (MS/NSU)):
You breathe in nitrogen gas everytime you inhale air. Nitrogen is a harmless gas, and we can pressurize it to make it a VERY cold liquid. In this experiment, you will see and touch all kinds of things instantly frozen by liquid nitrogen. Ice cream is the bonus!

4.Magnetic Motor (Leader and delivered by: Mohammad Mayy, (PhD/NSU)):
Build your own motor out of pieces of wire, a magnet, and a battery. Learn about magnetic fields and electromagnetism.

5. Solar-Powered Racing Cars (Leaders: Olu Bamiduro & Amanda Harding (PhD/NSU); delivered by : Rabia Hussain (PhD/NSU), Lei Gu (PhD/NSU), John Kitur (PhD/NSU):
Fire up this little solar-powered speedster, it races away with a surprisingly fast ZOOOOOOMM! Come participate in the race and learn how we can use light to make things go.

6. Can you make that spin? (Leaders: Olu Bamiduro & Amanda Harding (PhD/NSU), delivered by: Mohammad Mayy,Taina Matos(PhD/NSU), Andrew Yakim(MS/NSU), Paulo Black (NSU)):
We need energy to make things move. The earth receives a lot of energy from the sun, and we capture it using solar cell panels. Join us in testing the spinning speed of all kinds of things using solar energy.

7. Awesome Physics (Leader: Dr. Doyle Temple (Director,CMR NSU), delivered by: Marcus Wiggs (MS/NSU)):
Sound is a wave, and a wheel will spin you. If you want to know how, just come on over!

Activities by Cornell University

8. UV Sensitive Beads (Leader: Cornell University):
Some materials have very special properties. These beads are white when inside and different colors when outside. Find out why these beads change color while in sunlight and even take some home with you.

9. MicroWorld (Leader: Cornell University; helped by: Rajeh Mundle (PhD/NSU)):
Sands from Around the World - Microscopes and magnifying glasses help us to see things close up. This microworld often looks much different than what we normally see. Here we'll look closely at sands from around the world and see if the sand from Norfolk is the same as sand from Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, or Jamaica.

10. Silly Putty (Leader: Cornell University)
Have you ever played with silly putty before? Well now you have a chance to make some of your own with simple household ingredients.

11. Rocks & Minerals (Leader: Cornell University; helped by: Tasha (PhD/Purdue University), Rahul Bhure (PhD/NSU)):
There are many types of rocks and minerals in the world. Find out how scientists tell one from another and do some experiments of your own to identify them.

12. Sound Waves (Leader: Casey Gonder (NSU/Engineering), helped by: John Kitur (PhD/NSU)):
You've heard sounds before, but have you ever seen them? Here, we'll see sound waves and find out why guitars, pianos and flutes sound different even if they are playing the same note.

Activities by the Children's Museum of Virginia

13. Fly, rocket! (Leader: Christyne Matyseck):
It is amazing the power of pressure that you can put to use by just pushing air out of a bottle with your foot. Make your own rocket or just launch one with a big stomp.

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