Y6-November, 2015

November 24, 2015

Recorder: Kathryn

Attending Trainees: Kevin, Soheila, Paulo, Cansu, Monique, Vanessa, Irving, Donovan, Andre, Tasha, Kenny, Teresa, Chris, Catherine

Faculty: Dr. Black

Meeting Called: ~1:30 pm

IR Module:  Group Updates

Kevin began presentation for Group 3:  Science of Team Science (SciTS) background.
Irving gave update on progress-Gannt Chart and bar graph.  Kevin noted that group is on track at presetn.
Irving enumerated upcoming goals and plans

Kenny opened for update and status on the High Gain Media project. Stated current status, looking forward and possible needed timeline adjustments.

Paulo presented project goals for the fullerene project, and addressed the status of each aspect.  Cansu referenced the Gantt chart.

Bladder control project group scheduled to present in December.

Dr. Black presented some "realignment" for the projects, concerning the Gantt charts, weekly plans and meetings and progress.

Chris:  Update on Cornell Retreat Schedule
  • Entrepreneurship Session
  • Lab Activities:  Shepard and Watson Labs
  • Teaching Panel idea
  • Possible broad lab science presentations
  • Asking for Ideas on ways to take advantage of the Cornell resources

Update given on travel arrangements.

Dr. Black made a second presentation on clarifying the goal of IGERT, stating that IGERT-MNM is NOT a "technical research" grant.  The purpose is to promote graduate education renewal, and to prepare leaders to function in interdisciplinary areas, using an iterative design.  Since the grant is ending, hoping to apply for more with this character of emphasis.  She requested constructive suggestions as to how to maintain accountability, assure more consistent, regular participation.

Discussion of Lit Reviews, and evaluations of them with rubric.
Also mentioned characteristics of good bio, and had pair discussions to create draft bios.

Deliverables for Next Meeting: 200 word bios, professsional or semi-professional head shot, uploaded to DropBox folders labeled BIO and HEADSHOTS.  Utilize example for style and content.  Due by 12.01.15.
Also prepare group pitches for IR modules, upload to DB by 12.01.15

Ethics Module begins December 8, 2015. Brief survey will be sent out, to be completed and collected to DB by 12.08.15.

Meeting Concluded: ~3:00 pm

Next Meeting:  December 1, 2015

November 17, 2015

Recorder: Kathryn

Attending Trainees: Tasha, Andre, Catherine, Teresa, Kenny, Sonny, TJ, Chris, Kevin, Soheila, Irving, Cansu, Paulo, Donovan, MK, Monique, Vanessa

Faculty: Dr. Black

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: 1:30 pm

IP/Ethics Module

Preassessment on Managing Interpersonal Conflict (~10 min)

Presented content on Conflict, Conflict Management:

Effective Conflict Management
  • Get full information
  • Focus on facts
  • Alternatives, flexibility
  • Common goals
  • Inject humor (when possible)
  • Balanced power structure
  • Resolve issues/Don't force concensus

Case study for reflection by each Trainee; Use example from own experience and answer questions.

Categorizing Conflicts
  • Issue focused vs. People focused
  • Sources of Conflict

Key:  Tolerance for uncertainty

Survey for determining personal strategies for handling conflict, and how personal preferences affect natural "style" of conflict management. Specifically addressing collaboration frameworks.

Chris shared the tentative/draft schedule for the IGERT Winter Retreat at Cornell.

Groups 1 and 2 gave presentations of progress on IR projects.

Deliverables for Next Week: Groups 3 and 4 present on IR projects; DIscuss suggestions for activities of interest to include in Winter Retreat agenda

Meeting Concluded:  3:00 pm

Next Meeting:  November 24, 2015

November 10, 2015

Recorder: Kathryn

Attending Trainees: Vanessa, Donovan, MK, Andre, Rabia, Paulo, Cansu, Irving, Kevin, Soheila, Monique

Faculty: Dr. Black

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: 1:30 pm

Presentation by Darryl Dickerson, Purdue University PhD Graduate:  "Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property:  Bioregeneration Technologies"

Following presentation, Dr. Black clarified expectations/plans for the year:

Fall Semester
  • Students receive email with deliverables for each week
  • Bi-weekly updates on group work
  • Research updates (Week of Nov 30th)
  • Draft white paper/written report (Due Jan 7th)
  • IGERT Fall Retreat
Spring Semester
  • Bi-weekly updates
  • Final white paper/written report (Due May 9th)
  • IGERT Summer Retreat presentation (Due May 30th, but may be moved to May15th due to Brazil trip)
Each Trainee is expected to complete any surveys, respond to emails and complete an INDIVIDUAL WEEKLY UPDATE for his or her part in the group projects
Instructions/expectations for group bi-weekly deliverable in DropBox

Presentation Pitches Information:
  • Research Overview-7 min, Q and A-By Nov 30th
  • Draft Investor Pitch-5 min, Q and A-At Cornell Winter Retreat
  • Final Investor Pitch-5 min, Q and A-At Summer Retreat

Project Write-Up Information:
  • Draft White Paper of Draft Publications-At Cornell Retreat
  • White Paper of Final Publication-Summer (with extended future work if necessary)

Meeting Concluded: ~3:00 pm

Next Meeting:  November 17, 2015

November 3, 2015

Recorder: Kathryn

Attending Trainees: Soheila, Kevin, Paulo, MK, Cansu, Donovan, Rabia, Sonny, TJ, Teresa, Kenny, Catherine, Tasha, Irving, Vanessa, Andre', Monique, Quincy, Chris

Faculty: Dr. Black

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: ~1:30 pm

IGERT Technical Writing Module-Week 6

Reviewing Strategies:  Content presented by TJ

Practical ideas on how to critique constructively, with sensitivity,thoroughness, clarity and using best practices in the process.  Suggestions as to why this skill is worthwhile for a professional, and ways in which it may benefit the reviewer as well as the one reviewed.

Major Points:
  • Review work when you are rested and not hungry, if possible.  Take breaks.
  • Recognize conflicts of interest
  • Focus on positives before moving to criticisms
  • Summarize what you read to recipient of review so they know you actually read it
  • Respond as you read: State sense of flow, likes and dislikes
  • Constructive criticism: Grammar? Organization? Lack of Clarity?
  • Keep it impersonal
  • Empathize:  Remember what it is like to be on the other end
  • Suggest help where possible

As activity, all groups evaluated one another's group/team reviews (not individual ones this week), and offered evaluation, hoping to base that upon the points noted above.

Meeting Concluded:  ~3:00 pm

No specific deliverables.  Next week to be a presentation on entrepreneurship.

Next Meeting:  November 10, 2015

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