Y5-February, 2015



February 11, 2015

Recorder: Srujana Prayakarao

Trainees Attending: Srujana, Catherine, Vaneesa, Monique, Kevin, MK, Irving, Donovan, Rabia, Sohelia, Teresa, Sonny, Kasia, TJ, Andre

Faculty: Dr. Black

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: 12.10 pm


Week 4: Revising and editing

- In group of 2, shared the status of the document with each other and discussed for 20 minutes.

- Discussion on what is the difference between revising and editing

- Revision practice: Catherine provided papers to review and asked them to arrange in the order of editing.


Next meeting: February 18, 2015

Assignments for Next week: Limitations and alternative methods to success; Timeline; References


February 4, 2015

Recorder: Sonny Penterman

Trainees Attending: Sonny, TJ, Kasia, Teresa, Tasha, Catherine, Donovan, Irving, Monique, Vanessa, MK, Andre, Rabia, Srujana, Kevin

Faculty: Dr. Black

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: ~12:10 pm


Week 3:  Writing as a Social Activity

In groups of 3 or 4 students,:  "Rotating" peer review  Group discusses each person’s deliverable without that person talking. 40 minute overall activity

Discussion of how writing is social, or socially constructed

Catherine's "addition" to Flower and Hayes' Hierarchical Model of Writing–There are disciplinary differences in the way that arguments are constructed. We represent our university and research group, which introduces social dynamics.

Harnessing the social power of writing: anticipating needs/expectations of audience, telling the point up-front, "reading minds" of audience and practicing peer review.

Differences and parallels between writing styles of the technical writing module versus the interdisciplinary research module, ie individual writing vs collaborative writing


Next Meeting: February 11, 2015

Module Assignments for Next Meeting: Write methods section (and anticipated results) for your application packet



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