Y5-December, 2014


December 15, 2014

Minutes by:  Rabia

Attending Trainees: Tasha, Catherine, Irving, TJ, Teresa, Sonny, Kevin, Monique, MK, Quincy, Rabia, Srujana, Thej, Donovan, Kasia, Andre (for a short time)

Faculty: Dr. Black

Meeting Called:  2:00 pm

Discussion about:


1-Meeting time for next semester?

2- Winter retreat travel is arranged, schedule is there. MK and Rabia will join for some seminars from NSU.

3- Tasks to be done- trainees need be proactive and responsive in time.


What igert can do for you?

5- Ethics and IP module
Next module after retreat

6- Interdisciplinary research module 
Continue working on your research projects. No formal deliverables but good to have some outcome in the form of some research paper or presentation in a conference.

7- Complete survey by Jan. 5

8-Work on communication part
Four questions discussion


December 1, 2014

Minutes by: Kathryn

Attending Trainees:  Thej, Srujana, TJ, Teresa, Kasia, Sonny, Catherine, Tasha

Faculty: Dr. Black

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: 2:00 pm

Dr. Black shared resource information from a booklet entitled, “Career Trends:  The Informed Job Search” from AAAS/Science, offering helpful advice for the preparation of IPDPs-Individual Professional Development Plans-by students.

She continued the meeting with an explanation of guidelines and expectations for the 12 minute group reports from all groups, due December 8th.  She mentioned an important planning meeting to take place on December 15th, to include information pertinent to the Spring, 2015 module.

Dr. Black then presented collected data from the idea-gathering documents completed by Trainees for guidance in preparing their IPDPs.

Catherine opened Group 5’s presentation: “Studying Multi-Institutional Interdisciplinary Research:  Toward a Model for Planning and Evaluating Research Collaborations”.  She delineated the motivation for the project, objectives and methods and methodology for the two different Research Module groups studied.

Tasha followed with an overview of the division of labor for writing of the report, relating the decision to delegate tasks based upon the strengths of each group member.

Srujana briefly presented Group 3’s group dynamic pertinent to communication and writing.  Due to her involvement with the synthesis of the gyroids to be characterized at NSU once produced, her workload is greatest at this point.  Srujana, Thej and Andre pursued the background literature research and preparation of other aspects of the report to contribute as group members.  Reference was also made to Srujana learning some of the synthesis technique at the Winter Retreat at Cornell.

Teresa addressed the same sort of unilateral dynamic in Group 4, since she is preparing the mCDots for subsequent characterization by NSU Trainees, as well as mathematical calculations by Andre at NSU.  All recognize the unequal yoke presented by this sort of collaboration, but seek to balance it over time as the project further develops.

Meeting concluded around 3:00 pm


Next Meeting: December 8, 2014

Presentation of final, 12-minute reports by all groups, with participation from all members.

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