Year 1: Publications and Presentations

Publications, Presentations and Patents

Journal Articles in Refereed Publications

Bamiduro*, O., Chennamadhava, G., Mundle, R., Konda, R., Robinson, B., Bahoura, M., and Pradhan, A. K. (2011) Synthesis and characterization of one-step electrodeposited Cu In1- x GaxSe2/Mo/glass films at atmospheric conditions. Solar Energy, 85, 545-552.

Conference Publications

Noginov, M. A. , Gu*, Lei , Livenere, J. E., Zhu, G. , Pradhan, A. K. , Mundle, R. , Bahoura, M. , Barnakov, Y. A. and Podolskiy, V. A. (2010). Better than gold: plasmonic materials for telecom wavelengths. In Frontiers in Optics (FiO) (pp. FWN3). Optical Society of America.

Zhu, G., Gu*, Lei, Kitur, J., Urbas, A., Vella, J., and Noginov. M. (2011) Organic materials with negative and controllable electric permittivity. In Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference (QELS). (pp. QThC3). Optical Society of America.


Conference Presentations

Mayy*, M., Zhu, G., Kitur, J. K, Noginova, N., Bonner, C. E., Bhattacharjee, R. R., Giannelis, E .P., & Noginov, M. A. (2011, May).  A Fluid Metamaterial with Tunable Anisotropy. Paper presented at CLEO, Baltimore, MD.

Mayy*, M. , Zhu, G. , Kitur, J. K. , Noginova, N., Bonner, C. E. , Bhattacharjee, R. R. , Giannelis, E. P., and oginov, M. A. (2011, March).  Au NIM fluid-like with tunable optical properties. Poster presented at PREM+MRSEC PIs Joint Meeting, Homacao, Puerto Rico.

Hussain, R.  and Noginova, N. (2011, March). Proton NMR and spin relaxation in viscous and multi-component systems with magnetic nanoparticles. Paper presented at the Tenth Annual Graduate Research Symposium. College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA.

Black, S. M., Pradhan, A., Noginov, N., Bonner C. E., Wiesner, U., Umbach, C., Cox, M. and Noginov, M. A. (2011, June).  IGERT on Magnetic and Nanostructured Materials: Interdisciplinary, Cross-institutional Project Outgrowth of NSF-HRD Support. Poster presented at NSF 2011 Joint Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C.


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