Objective & Learning Outcomes


The main objective of this module is to help the IGERT trainees and associate trainees develop pedagogical expertise so they can integrate pedagogy within their disciplinary areas. As a Trainee, you will:

• Develop pedagogical expertise through an introduction to theoretically-based teaching methods and strategies that can be incorporated into your future teaching or collaborative opportunities.

• Identify ways that your personal research can be transferred to other educational contexts

• Explore the impacts of teaching and curricular innovations on “student” (i.e. K-12, collegiate, working professional, research group member, etc.) learning.



Upon completion of this module, trainees will be able to:

Knowledge & Transfer

• Describe differences between expert and novice learners • Identify factors that influence knowledge transfer • Describe how knowledge on how the mind and brain works can be leveraged in

educational contexts

How People Learn (HPL) Framework

• Explain the four dimensions of the “How People Learn” (HPL) framework. • Operationalize HPL elements in STEM learning environments. • Identify challenges implementing HPL elements in STEM learning environments.


• Describe the importance of assessment in engineering education • Differentiate between types of assessment (e.g. formative and summative) • Write learning objectives & link learning objectives to appropriate assessmentsBackwards Design

• Explain the Backward Design process • Apply Backward Design as a framework for designing a curriculum • Link appropriate assessments to curricular priorities in the Backward Design framework • Design a nanotechnology-based lesson plan using the Backward Design template

Pedagogies of Engagement

• Describe key characteristics of cooperative and problem-based learning pedagogies • Identify cooperative and problem-based learning strategies for classroom instruction


• Translate knowledge, skills & insights from technical research to formal and informal learning environments

• Tailor communication of technical content to selected audiences

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