IGERT-MNM Trainees' and Associate Trainees'Responsibilities

IGERT-MNM Trainees will be supported for up to three years during which they will

1. Contribute to the project research, assist with preparation of reports, proposals and presentations, working with a primary and a secondary advisor.

2. Attend required modular courses and other meetings once a week (1.5h meetings);

  • Complete assignments related to the courses,
  • Assist with course evaluation and improvement,
  • Serve as teaching assistants for the courses, and
  • Develop one course as a team.

3. Participate in the Winter Retreat at Cornell University and the Summer Retreat at Norfolk State University; at least once at each institution.

4. Mentor junior IGERT trainees and undergraduate students.

5. Attend IGERT planning meetings.

6. Meet regularly and work in teams with other IGERT trainees to organize seminar series, retreats, update website, and generally exercise leadership in enhancing the IGERT program for maximum student benefit.

7. Cooperate with internal and external evaluators by providing the necessary information to assess the program in a timely manner.

8. Be open to new opportunities to network, work in groups, represent the IGERT-MNM at events, and assist with recruiting at conferences and universities.

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