IGERT-MNM Training Objectives

1. Provide IGERT Trainees with an interdisciplinary and collaborative learning and research environment, within a community of scholars, which fosters their understanding of the scholarship of the IGERT research areas, and the scholarship of teaching and learning;

2. Develop and offer modular, interdisciplinary coursework that is nimble, responsive to the increasing need to train students from diverse education backgrounds in emerging fields and interdisciplinary content, and to provide guidance for professional skills development;

3. Offer a rich and diverse education and training environment uniquely enabled by IGERT-MNM through the leveraging of resources and expertise in the participant institutions, and opportunities for research at a partner institution;

4. Offer structured program to encourage teamwork, leadership, and development of management and communication skills that will prepare Trainees to become agents of change, ready to promote renovation of education and research, and address the challenges of keeping America’s preeminence in the high-technologies market place;

5. Increase the diversity of persons holding doctoral degrees in the research areas addressed by IGERT-MNM, and revitalize and renovate the science and engineering graduate curricula at NSU, therefore enhancing the education of a large number of African-American science and engineering students.

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