Y6-October, 2015

October 6, 2015

Recorder: Kathryn

Attendees: Catherine, Kenny, Teresa, Chris, Soheila, Cansu, Paulo, Vanessa, Donovan, Kevin, Monique, Inving, Sonny, Andre'

Faculty: Dr. Black

Staff: Kathryn

Meeting Called: ~1:40 pm

IGERT Technical Writing Module

Peer judging of individual literature reviews

Time predominantly devoted to reading, evaluating and ranking various literature reviews.
All reviews uploaded to DropBox.
Each person takes 15 minutes to read all lit reviews of group members, excluding own
Within the 15 minutes, complete the Qualtrics link for various categories.
Additional pages available for comments if needed.

After reading and commenting, the last page of the survey has place to rank the reviews.
Each individual ranks the reviews he or she read.
Results will be compiled, with comments provided to the owner/writer of each review as constructive critique.
Dr. Black will have access to all reviews written.

Meeting Concluded: ~3:00 pm

No specific deliverables for next meeting.  A presentation by Dr. Straussen will take place.

Next Meeting:  October 13, 2015

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