Presenters Schedule Year 4

IGERT  Presentation Format Year 4
Project Updates:
2 slide maximum (5- 10 mins per presentation  including questions).
These presentations should be used to update the rest of the IGERT trainees on the project’s progress.  Additionally, these presentations should contain pieces of the end of year deliverables for each project.
Research Updates:
2 slide maximum (5- 10 mins per presentation  including questions).
The goal of the research update presentations is to foster future collaboration of ideas and experimental work. As such, the trainees should only share recent work- exciting findings and/or challenging obstacles (unlike the larger research summary presentations like those at the retreats).  And of course, the trainees should be forthcoming and honest in presenting their work.
These presentations should be interactive and somewhat informal to allow for conversation and so as not to add an unnecessary burden on the presenting trainee.  In this environment a trainee should be comfortable with “failing” and sharing when things did not work out.  Likewise, participants should not be afraid to ask “basic” questions if they don’t understand an experimental technique or theoretical equation.
The 2 slide length was chosen because it will be another exercise to help the trainees work on being able to concisely express complicated research.  Additionally, it will allow for all of the trainees to participate in these presentations and limit the amount of preparation for the presenters.
Each week there is the opportunity for an additional student to volunteer and present an update on any of their IGERT work or research.  These spots are open to accommodate the unpredictable aspects of our work and should be used to help get immediate feedback on pressing issues in our traineeship.
Week Project Update (5-10 mins) Research Update (5-10 mins)
8/29/2013 ENE T.J.
9/5/2013 NP Thej
9/12/2013 ENE Marc
9/19/2013 NP Amanda
9/26/2013 ENE Tasha
10/3/2013 NP Sonny
10/10/2013 ENE Rabia
10/17/2013 NP Teresa
10/24/2013 ENE Vanessa
10/31/2013 NP Catherine

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