December 12, 2012

Minutes by: Tasha Zephirin

Attendance: Mohammad, Seth, Vanessa, Thej, TJ, Marc, Tasha, Quincy, Olu, Hareesh, Ahmad

Faculty: Dr. Black

Meeting Called: 10:08 am

1) Brief overview of Writing Module syllabus highlighting assigments due. Slight modification to allow for time to  revise white paper drafts for advisor feedback.

2) Trainee Elevator Speeches

- Identify audience and purpose of speech (will have multiple elevator speeches); hone in content (not too specific but good big picture overview with connections)

3) Spring IGERT meetings tentatively Monday 1:30 pm - 3 pm OR Wednesday 1:45 pm -  3:15 pm

4) Breakout into groups to discuss white papers

For Trainees not attending the Cornell Retreat, be prepared to join by videoconference for selected sessions on January 7th & 8th

Next Meeting: Week of Jan 14th

Assignment for Next Meeting: Revised 2 page white paper incorporating group/advisor feedback. Revised Elevator Speech

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 am

December 6, 2012

Minutes by: Marc Murphy


Students: Mohammad, Amanda, Seth, Vanessa, Rabia, Marc, TJ, Thej, Hareesh, Quincy, Lei, Ahmad, Teresa

Faculty: Dr. Black

Meeting Called: 10:00am

Presenter 1: TJ

Title: Measurment of cellular forces during metastatic cell migration

Presenter 2: Amanda

Title: Magnetic Apheresis for Removal of HIV Vaccine

Presenter 3: Hareesh

Title: Development of low toxic and biocompatable Quantum dots imaging probes for Cancer

Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 am

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