Summer Retreat


IGERT: Magnetic and Nanostructured Materials

IGERT Retreat and External Advisory Committee Meeting

Wednesday(s): February 22, 2012 and March 7, 2012 MINUTES:

February 22, 2012 Meeting:                                                        March 7, 2012 Meeting:

Meeting Started: 6:10pm                                                            Meeting Started: 3:15pm

Meeting Adjourned: 7:00pm                                                       Meeting Adjourned: 3:45pm

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

11:30 -  4:00pm           Hotel Check-in

5:30   -  7:00pm           Dinner (IGERT & Retreat Overview General Discussion)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 (Catered to the Students)

MCAR 209

8:00     8:30am           Breakfast and Orientation

8:30    10:00am         Research & Publishing in Engineering Education, by Dr. Cox

10:00  12:00pm         Evaluation of Previous Modules, Design of New Modules, Management Issues, and Website

12:00   12:30pm         Planning and Overview for 2012 - 2013 modules

12:30   1:30pm           Lunch

1:30     3:00pm           Workshop (TBD) (either find a presenter or similar)

3:00     4:00pm           Recap day's activities and Plans for next day (Students and Management reports)

4:00     5:00pm           Tour of NSU labs (including Tour of MiNaC Cleanroom)

5:00     6:30pm           Dinner (OYO)

Thursday, June 7, 2012 (Students and Faculty)

MCAR 209

8:30     8:30am           Breakfast and Orientation

8:30     10:00am         Students symposium (15 mins each)

10:00   12:00pm         Faculty and students (two slide presentation) round table on the IGERT research, Thrust I and II.

IGERT Associates

IGERT Trainees

Note:Finallize who is presenting and adjust according to whether student is associate or trainee.

8:30-10-IGERT Associates (presents research ~ 10 minutes)

11-12 IGERT

Progress report and collaboration brainstorm (open forum)

1:00     2:00pm           Lunch (Trainees + Faculty + Evaluators)

2:00     4:00pm           Faculty and students (two slide presentation) round table on the IGERT research, Thrusts III and IV.

Progress report and collaboration brainstorm (open forum)

4:00     5:00pm           Round Table with EDU INC Evaluators (outside evaluators NSF, EAC?)

Will Dr. Cox present on Wednesday or Thursday?

5:30     7:00pm           Dinner with EAC (External Advisory Committee)

EAC Meeting - Friday, June 8, 2012

MCAR 603

9:00     9:30am           Breakfast - Welcome and Orientation

9:30     10:00am         IGERT-MNM Program Overview – Suely Black

10:00   11:30am         Research Overview

    • Physics and Nanotechnology of Metamaterials - Mikhail Noginov/Students
    • Magnetic Multilayer Nanostructures - Aswini Pradhan/Students
    • Nanoscale Magnetic Systems - Natalia Noginova/Students
    • IGERT-MNM Education Research - Monica Cox/Students

11:30   12:00pm         Report on Education Activities – Christopher “Kit” Umbach, S. Black

12:00   1:30pm           Lunch and Poster Session - EAC Members and Students

1:30     2:15pm           Program Evaluators' Private Session

2:15     2:45pm           Summary Discussions

2:45     3:45pm           Report Writing

3:45     4:00pm           Closing Remarks by EAC

4:00pm                       EAC Departure

5:00pm                       Dinner


Have minutes, post minutes online; Assigned tasks related to 2012 agenda

2012 IGERT Summer Retreat Tasks Table



Post minutes


Workshop ideas

Casey & Marc

Detailed agenda/Internal

Mohammed & Seth

External Agenda/Summarized


Food/Dietary Restrictions

Ahmed, Viru, & Olu

Facilities/Tech Facilitators/Poster-setup

Ahmed & Viru

Transportation Coordinator

Olu & Marc

Additional tidbits:

  • Other considerations/sub-tasks:
  • Organize student speaker lineup for Thursday and Friday
  • Person coordinating hotel shuttle to NSU/Airport and other transportation arrangements, speak with Mrs. West about process

Attendance at Summer Retreat Committee Meetings: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mohammed Mayy

Seth Rylander

Casey Goner

Tasha Zephirin

Attendance at Summer Retreat Committee Meetings: Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mohammed Mayy

Seth Rylander

Olu Bamiduro


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