Committee Charges

Minutes and Announcements Committee

The goals of this committee are to record and web publish: a summary of our weekly meetings, a description of trainee's assignments, with calendars and timelines, and reminders of other program activities and events. These records have the dual purpose of reminding the program's participants of ongoing activities and facilitating formative evaluation..

  • Members will
    • keep minutes of weekly meetings on a rotating basis,
    • post minutes to the website on the same day as the meeting,
    • ensure that formatting of postings are uniform, and
    • include enough details of meeting events and assignments.

Website Management Committee

The goals of this committee are to assist the director in the upkeep of the program's website. The committee will review the content of the site, and suggest modifications to the director in order to improve the site by 1) adding more information about events and modular courses, 2) making it more informative for the public, 3) identifying features in other IGERT projects' webpages that would enhance ours, and suggesting modifications.

  • Members will
    • review the current website and as a group recommend short- and long-term improvements,
    • assist the director in delegating and assisting in the implementation of enhancements,
    • assist other trainees in making changes to the website,
    • identify resources that may enhance the program and add them to the "resources" page.

Summer Retreat Planning Committee

The goals of this committee are to provide leadership in identifying the activities, and coordinate their implementation for the IGERT-MNM Summer Retreat to take place in early June. The committee will identify and organize retreat activities in alignment of the program's goals, and trainees' interests. The committee will consult with the IGERT-MNM community, including friends of the project and EAC members, and be democratic about decisions.

  • Members will
    • convene and determine how to consult other trainees about suggestions,
    • equaly divide tasks among themselves to ensure balanced participation,
    • add information to the website early and often about the event to inform participants,
    • consult with the director about appropriatness of activities,
    • secure the human and material resources necessary to organize and deliver the retreat.

Evaluation Committee

The goals of this committee are to provide leadership in developing, delivering and collecting survey feedback for each modular course. This committee provides direct support to groups of trainees charged with leading each of the modular courses. The committee will devise and implement a formative evaluation model for the modular courses, assisting groups of trainees implement it, and analyze the evaluation results.

  • Members will
    • convene and brainstorm on a best model to implement formative evaluation,
    • consult the director and Dr. Monica Cox on the model and its implementation,
    • describe and web publish directions for the preparation of the evaluation instruments,
    • assist trainees develop the evaluation instruments,
    • assist trainees deploy the instrument and collect data,
    • guide trainees on summarizing findings and developing suggestions for improvement,
    • assist the director interface with the project's external evaluators.

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