12/09/2011 Suely

Attendance: Rabia, Olu, Quincy, Sha'la, Ahmad, Seth, Amanda, Marc, TJ, Lei, Casey, Tasha, Thej, Mohammad, Chanel

Professors: Dr. Black, Dr. Umbach


  • NEXT TRAINEES' MEETINGat Cornell, January 8.
  • Meeting with IGERT PI's TODAY at 1:30pm
  • Trainees shared their evaluation of draft versions of the Metamaterials and MTJ portions of the IGERT proposal.
  • Olu suggested that trainees rewrite the MTJ white paper in preparation for the next training module and to apply skills just learned in the technical training module.


1. Technical Writing Modular Course Survey – respond, please.

2. Re-write MTJ white paper as a group:

  • Submit your group membership today (identify leader),
  • Begin group work to rewrite the paper based on course information and our discussions today,
  • Leaders, please be ready to report group progress to me and the larger group.

3. Next meeting will be at Cornell in January. NSU students will join by VC

4. Be alert to IGERT emails, with instructions about evaluating documents generated in the Technical Writing course, the white paper and the Winter Retreat.

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