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Notes for February 24, 2011  9:30-10:30am

1)    Mohammad presented his original idea on metamaterials in photovoltaics. His Idea (Using nanostructures to control permeability and permittivity in optical range):

-       Fabrication: Polystryene spheres + Deposited Ag + Europium compounds à increases plasmonic resonance (silver component) and increases permeability in the optical range (PS spheres and Er component).

2)    Tanya presented her original idea on using conjugated SAMs in 3D multilayer and cylinder structures. Her idea (Fabricate 3D metamaterial structures with conductive conjugated oligomers/ polymers and measure any effects they have on the optical properties of the metamaterial.)

-       Using convenient solution deposition techniques to place self assembled conjugated oligomer/ polymers in metamaterials.

-       Fabrication: Conductive Oligomer Polymer + Thin layer or Nanowired metal à possible changes in optical properties


3)    Attendees: Tanya David, Taina Matos, Rabia Hussain, Amanda Harding, Alex Gavrilenko, Mohammad Mayy, Olu, Bamiduro, Lei Gu, Tom Swisher, Tasha Zephirin, Dr. Sun, Dr. Umbach, Dr. Noginov, Dr. Black

Notes for February 17, 2011  9:30-10:10am

1)    Amanda presented her original idea on metamaterials in photovoltaics. Her Idea (Using shearing technique and metal nanoparticles to enhance plasmon polaritons):

-       Fabrication: nanoparticles in polymer thin film + shearing of the thin film (to align the nanoparticles) à further increased solar cell efficiency due to increase surface plasmon polaritons.

2)    Alex presented his original idea improving modeling criteria for metamaterial computation studies. His idea (Improve numeric modeling tools that take into account the metamaterial nanostructure.)

-       Calculate SHG response from first-principles that takes into account the electron structure of the material, interfaces, etc instead of the values for bulk material which doesn’t take any of these calculations into account.

-       Two part calculations that will cover the nanostructure and its in environment in the metamaterial.

3)    Tanya and Mohammed will be presenting next Thursday, February 24, 2011.

4)    Attendees: Tanya David, Amanda Harding, Alex Gavrilenko, Olu, Bamiduro, Lei Gu,Tom Swisher, Tasha, Dr. Sun, Dr. Umbach

Notes for February 10, 2011

1)      Olu presented his original idea on the fabrication of metamaterials on a large fabrication scale. His Idea (Using ALD lithography instead of nano and e-beam lithography is his contributive idea):

-          Fabrication: Glass à metal à photo resist (SU 8 (negative resist)) à optical lithography (Sputter/ ALD)

-          Characterization: UV-Vis (Transmission and Reflectance) and AFM

2)      Taina presented her original idea on metamaterials for biosensors and bio-imaging. Her idea (Fabricate coated nanorods in conjunction with terahertz bio-imaging to serve as diagnosis tool.)

-          Fabrication of biosensors that can serve as diagnosis tools: identify changes in blood chemistry, hormones, etc.,  and  accelerate diagnosis

-          Enhance bio-imaging using terahertz: mammograms, cancer detection, CT-scan

3)      Amanda and Alex will be presenting next Thursday, February 17, 2011.

4)      Dr. Black and Taina  will attending the STC retreat next week and will not be here.

Notes for February 3, 2011

1)      The new time to start is 9:15am. Everyone please be here and ready before then.

2)      Tom and Leigh presented an overview on metamaterials: fabrication and characterization of metamaterials and nonlinear metamaterials.

3)      The paper written by Natalia Litchinitser was chosen as the base review paper for our assigment. However, please remember to use at least five other articles as supporting references for your proposed research idea.

4)      Taina and Olu will be the second set of student presenters (first to give original research ideas) on Thursday, February 10, 2011.

Thursday January 27, 2011; 9:00am-10:30am

  1. Dr. M. Noginov gave a presentation on metamaterials (a brief overview), possible applications, and research accomplishments thus far in this field.
  2. Alex G. asked Dr. Noginov to suggest one of the four papers (given by Dr. Noginov) as a starting article for the IGERT students to begin the current assignment. The Noginov suggested starting with “Linear and Nonlinear Metamaterials and Transformation Optics”, but he also encourages the students to read all four papers to get a better understanding of this area of research (metamaterials).
  3. Before next week we are to vote amongst the IGERT members whether this is an appropriate paper to start with for our current assignment.

Monday 10th (Jan. 2011) 5:15pm

Our new time of meeting is on Wednesdays @ 9am (same Rm as last semester)

1. Part of the IGERT mission is to be able to communicate your work effectively to the public. This may be done through the current research that is supported via IGERT or a white paper.

Again,  “This modular course will offer instructional

scaffolding to promote students’ mastery of the skills and thinking patterns associated with the creative process in science and engineering research”.

See the link below : http://nanoHUB.org/site/wiki/481/Training%20for%20Indep%20Research%20Proposal%20Excerpt.pdf

Assignment 1: A short simple summary of each person’s research should be written for the IGERT-MNM website as soon as possible.

2. Be familiar with the IGERT mission, which includes:

Improving writing skills

Develop you to be a better researcher (this comprises of knowing HOW to get ideas.

3. It is paramount that we ascertain and be familiar with the MODULAR courses outlined in the IGERT proposal. There are 4 Modules:


Developing Research Skills (12 weeks long)

Scientist Pedagogy (6 weeks long)

Ethics and Intellectual Property (4 weeks long)

4. Assignment 2: before the 27th of January, we are going to receive a review paper on Meta-materials.  Dr. Noginov will give a presentation on the 27th of January at 9 am on Meta materials.

Once reading the review paper, find a research idea, method, etc., that can be expanded upon to form an original research idea within the scope of the research field (i.e. metamaterials).

Read 5 or more literature to help develop and support that idea further.

Two presenters per week will present their original research idea with any supporting materials, followed by group discussion.




Dr. Noginov

Jan. 27, 2011

Research in Meta materials

Lei and Tom

Feb. 3, 2011

Overview on Metamaterials

Taina and Olu

Feb. 10, 2011

Original Research Idea

Amanda and Alex

Feb. 17, 2011

Original Research Idea

Mohammed and Tanya

Feb. 24, 2011

Original Research Idea

  1. 5. International trip is available.  Find the place/ institution of choice and then consult with Dr. Black.  Should be in the theme of IGERT.

Tuesday 11th (Jan. 2011)

6. IGERT Retreat: Tentatively at the end of JUNE 2011

Plan on presenting your work

The Days of the retreat has not been finalized.

If you have any ideas such as workshops, experiments, etc please feel free to express them

May some one take the initiative of drafting the retreat agenda?


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