IGERT-MNM Research

P1. Physics and Nanotechnology of Metamaterials

Goals: faster, smaller, and more efficient electronic, optical and opto-electronic systems, seeking to combine the advantages of nanometer-scale electronics and ultra-fast photonics, bridging the size gap and enabling an increased synergy between the two major technologies.

Complementary capabilities: ab initio calculations and numerical modeling, synthesis, nanofabrication and characterization and the physics and chemistry of metamaterials.

P2. Magnetic Multilayer Nanostructures

Goals: integration of ferroelectric-piezoelectric materials leading to  multifunctional properties for faster information storage/retrieval and sensing.

Complementary capabilities: preparation of high-quality films on ultra-small devices, precise synthesis of complex stack of films, and highly sensitive, magnetically shielded sensing.

P3. Nanoscale Magnetic Systems

Goals: Magnetic nanoparticles for technology: high density memory, spintronic devices, magnonic (spin wave) metamaterials, magneto-optical control, and biomedicine: cell labeling and separation, medical drug delivery, MRI contrast agent, medical hyperthermia.

Integrated capabilities: nanofabrication and characterization, chemical synthesis, toxicity measurements, nuclear magnetic resonance and spin relaxation studies and modeling.

P4. IGERT-MNM Education Research

Goals: 1) immerse students in the challenges of translating new knowledge into educational resources for diverse audiences, design of formative and summative evaluations, and training in communicating in interdisciplinary environments, 2) promote and evaluated changes in graduate education practices.

Integrated capabilities: Engineering education research expertise interfacing with traditionally trained faculty with extensive experience in developing and implementing education and outreach programs at a minority serving institution.

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