Year 4: Presentations and Publications


Publications, Presentations and Patents

Journal Articles in Refereed Publications

Prokes, S. M., Glembocki, O. J., Livenere, J. E., Tumkur, T. U., Kitur, J. K., Zhu, G., Wells, B., Podolskiy, V. A., and Noginov, M. A.* (2013). Hyperbolic and plasmonic properties of Silicon/Ag aligned nanowire arrays. Optics Express, 21, 14962-14974.

Narimanov, E. E., Li, H., Barnakov, Y. A., Tumkur, T. U., and Noginov, M. A. (2013). Reduced reflection from roughened hyperbolic metamaterial. Optics Express, 21, 14956-14961.

Gu, L.*, Livenere, J., Zhu, G., Narimanov, E. E., and Noginov, M. A. (2013). Quest for organic plasmonics. Applied Physics Letters, 103, 021104.

Mayy, M.*, Zhu, G., Webb, A. D., Ferguson, H., Norris, T., Podolskiy, V. A., and Noginov, M. A. (2014). Toward parametric amplification in plasmonic systems: Second harmonic generation enhanced by surface plasmon polaritons. Optics Express, 22, 7773

Noginova, N., Rono, V., Bezares, F. J., and Caldwell, J. D. (2013). Plasmon drag effect in metal nanostructures. New Journal of Physics, 15, 113061

Noginova, N., Hussain, R., Noginov, M.A., Vella, J. and Urbas, A. (2013). Modification of electric and magnetic dipole emission in anisotropic plasmonic systems. Optics Express, 21, (20), 23087-23096. doi:10.1364/OE.21.023087

Hussain, R., Keene, D., Noginova, N., and Durach, M. (2014). Spontaneous emission of electric and magnetic dipoles in the vicinity of thin and thick metal. Optics Express, 22, (7), 7744-7755. doi:10.1364/OE.22.007744

Ma, K., Werner-Zwanziger, U., Zwanziger, J., and Wiesner, U. (2013). Controlling growth of ultra-small sub-10nm fluorescent mesoporous silica nano particles.  Chemistry of Materials, 25, 677-691.

Suteewong, T., Sai, H., Hovden, R., Muller, D., Bradbury, M., Gruner, S. M., and Wiesner, U. (2013). Multicompartment mesoporous silica nanoparticles with branched shapes: An epitaxial growth mechanism. Science, 340, 337-341.

Salvatore, S., Demetriadou, A., Vignolini, S., Oh, S. S., Wuestner, S., Yufa, N. A., Stefik, M., Wiesner, U., Baumberg, J. J., Hess, O., Steiner, U. (2013). Tunable 3D-Extended Self-Assembled Gold Metamaterials with Enhanced Light Transmission. Advanced Materials, 25, 2713-2716.

Cox, M. F., Zephirin, T.*, Sambamurthy, N., Ahn, B., London, J., Cekic, O.,Torres, A. and  Zhu, J. (2013). Curriculum vitae analysis of engineering Ph.D.s working in academia and industry. International Journal of Engineering Education, 25, (5), 1205-1221.

Rajwade, S, R., Nao, T. A., Auluck, K., Jayant, K., van Dover, R. B. and Kan, E. C. (2013). Ferroelectric-Assisted Dual Switching Speed DRAM-Flash Hybrid Memory. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 60, (6), 1944-1950

Duan, H., Yuan, C. C., Becerra, N., Small, L. J., Chang, A., Gregoire, J. M. and v. Dover, R. B. (2013). High-Throughput Measurement of Ionic Conductivity in Composition-Spread Thin Films. American Chemical Society Combinatorial Science, 15, 273-277.


Articles in Non-Refereed Publications

Hussain, R., and Noginova, N. (2013). Modification of electric and magnetic dipoles emission in close vicinity of metal. Frontiers in Optics, doi:10.1364/FIO.2013.FTu4D.1

David, T., Zephirin, T.*, Mayy, M.*, Matos, T., Cox, M.F. and Black, S. (2013). Carbon Nanotubes in our Everyday Lives. Published by MatEd. Available at


Conference Publications

LeBras, R., Bernstein, R., Gomes, C. P., Selman, B. and van Dover, R. B. (2013, August). Crowdsourcing Backdoor Identification for Combinatorial Optimization. Proceedings of the 23rd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Beijing, China, 2840-2847.

Noginova, N., Bates, B. and Greene, N. (2014, March). Magnetic resonance in ferromagnetic films, multilayers and nanoparticle composites. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. American Physical Society, Denver, Colorado. Available at

Keene, D., Hussain, R., Noginova, N., and Durach, M. (2014, March). Modification of electric and magnetic dipole emission near plasmonic metal. Bulletin of the American Physical Society, American Physical Society, Denver, Colorado. Available at

Bates, B., Hilton, J., Bonner, C. and Noginova, N. (2014). Between Quantum and Classical: Evolution of Electron Magnetic Resonance with Growth of a Spin System Size. Materials Research Society Proceedings, 1636, 03-07.


Conference Presentations

Wiesner, U. Sol-gel derived multifunctional materials. (2013, August). Invited lecturer at XVII International Sol-Gel Conference. Madrid, Spain.

Noginova, N. Plasmon Drag Effect in Metal Films and Nanostructures. (2013, October). Invited lecturer at Optical Society Structured Light in Structured Media: From Classical to Quantum Optics Incubator Meeting. Washington, D.C.

Noginova, N. and Rono, V. (2013, December). Coupling of Electric and Plasmonic Effects in Metal Nanostructures. Materials Research Society Fall Meeting and Exhibit, Boston, MA. Presentation L1.03

Hussain, R. and Noginova, N. (2013, December). Manipulation of Optical Properties of Eu3+ Complex with Plasmonics. Materials Research Society Fall Meeting and Exhibit, Boston, MA. Presentation L9.32


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