IGERT Research Big Group Meeting - 12/09/11


1)   Identify opportunities for cross-group collaborations that advance the IGERT research topics.

2)   Establish concrete connections to pursue collaborative efforts.


IGERT Trainees, researchers and other interested students and faculty.

Suggested Interaction Mode:

1)   Student gives 5-minute presentation on ongoing research, highlighting challenges and ideas for contributions from other groups.

2)   Audience responds by asking questions that will unveil possibilities for collaborations.

3)   Take lots of notes so that you can follow up on ideas.

Recommended etiquette:

1)   Allow for others’ participation by keeping your questions and comments short. You can continue more focused conversations later.

2)   Remember that this is an interdisciplinary team, and do not react with shock if students and faculty show ignorance on topics that are not relevant to them.

3)   Be kind to students and do not make them feel inadequate. We are here to encourage an open dialogue, allowing people to express themselves openly.


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