Meeting Agendas

Interdisciplinary Discussion

June 9, 2011

1) Identify Recorder

2) Request for information for Report - Deadline tomorrow!

- journal articles (full reference and status: published, accepted or submitted)
- conference proceedings (full reference and status: published, accepted or submitted)
- conference participation (title, place, time and description of your participation – attending, organizing symposia, leading discussions, recruiting, etc)
- outreach event (title and short description, place, time and your participation)
- fellowships or scholarships - name, amount, source, period
- Professional organization memberships and your role in them
- Passing quals, successful proposal defense, successful thesis defense, etc...

3) Editing and revising Trainee Research Summary on IGERT MNM site -- it will be forwarded to Advisory Committee

Tomorrow I would like you to review the text above yours on the website (the first one should review the last), and send the revised text (using "track changes" in MS Word) to me and the text owner.

So far, the following texts are ready for review and feedback: Taina, Tanya, Amanda, Rabia, Tasha, Kavitha. If your name is not here, it either means that you have not uploaded yours or that it is not in the correct format. Please address it immediately.

4) IGERT Retreat and EAC Logistics

- who won't be here for what? Doodle Poll
- poster
- revisions to Thursday events

- any other business?


May 17 2011

  • Clarifying IGERT goals and students' participation
  • Pedagogy Module meeting #2
  • Report of students' contributions to IGERTMNM website
  • Review of students' research summaries
  • Retreat Planning discussion:
    • Communication Workshop (with Monica)
    • Evaluation of Modules and plans for improvement
    • Research presentations (15-20 min) from 4 thrusts on Thursday with discussion with students
    • Ethics seminar by Dr. Joseph Hall, NSU VP for Research and Economic Devel.
    • IP workshop by Dr. Rad Roberts, UW, STC-MDITR Intellectual Property Issues Manager
    • Prepare posters on your research, add how IGERT MNM fits in your career prep plans
    • Instrumentation training (TBD)
    • Management meeting with Kit, Monica and Suely
    • Meeting with IGERT faculty to discuss project as a whole

Still on the plate:

  • evaluation of "Training for Independent Research" course (please post your thoughts)
  • reflection on survey and responses

1) Identify Recorder

May 5, 2011

  • clarifying IGERT goals and students' participation
  • evaluation of "Training for Independent Research" course (please post your thoughts)
  • Tasha's presentation (20 minutes)
  • planning of next course (20 minutes)
  • reflection on survey and responses (10 minutes)
  • management issues (10 minutes)

1) Identify Recorder

2) Training for Independent Research evaluation - write your comments on our site

Suggestions for improvement: trainees need to dig more into the literature, present information from at least 3-5 papers backing their research approach and expected results, discuss their ideas with another IGERT trainee, another student or an IGERT researcher, and presentations should be a minimum of 20 minutes, with 15 minutes of discussions

  • Did the presentations fulfill these recommendations?
  • Positive aspects:
  • Challenges:
  • Recommendations for improvement:

3) Tasha's presentation

4) Pedagogy Modular Course planning: goals, activities, outcomes

5) Management

  • editing: uploading presentations and older documents
  • meeting time for next 4 weeks (allow for vc)
  • other groups -- please provide report of activities, plans, timelines, etc
Retreat planning (meet with me tomorrow to move this along)
  • Evaluation of this year's activities
  • Improvement of modular courses
  • laboratory exercises? Instrumentation training? Faculty seminars?
  • IP and ethics training?

6) Survey feedback from trainees

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