Date: 10/31/2013

Recorder: Sonny Penterman

Trainees Attending: Vanessa Peters, Thejaswi Tumkur, Catherine, Berdanier, Marc murphy, Sonny Penterman, Tasha Zepherin, Thomas (J) Wallin, Quincy Williams, Amanda Harding, Rabia Hussain, Teresa Kao

Faculty Attending: Dr. Suely Black

Meeting Notes:

Catherine (research update) – Sustainable electronics, positive and negative experiences and perceptions, how is it different from traditional graduate school programs? Photoelicitation for interview protocol. Nine responses received for 20 minute survey; photographs uploaded to illustrate positive/negative aspects of sustainable electronics. Preliminary survey à data analysis à follow up interviews. CAREER award – characteristics of success in academic and industry careers. ADVANCE – women of color faculty professional development online coaching courses (STEM). ENE exploration fellowship – first-year engineering, evaluation of flipped classroom. Grant writing.

NanoBioTech Project – Ratiometric calcium sensor nanoparticles, reference dye and sensor dye (reference tells # of particles). Changing the stiffness of polymer thin films on top of a single substrate.


Module Assignments: presentations next week – ENE, nanobiotech, and nanoparticle groups.

Management Assignments:

Next Meeting: 11/7/2013 at 10:45am



Date: 10/24/13

Recorder: Tasha

Trainees Attending: Amanda, Rabia, Catherine, Tasha, TJ, Sonny, Thej, Quincy, Marc, Vanessa

Faculty Attending: Dr. Black, Dr. Noginov

Meeting Notes:

Presentations by Trainees

1. Nanobiotechnology Project by Catherine

“From the outside looking in: A participant-researcher methodology for observation of a multidisciplinary nanobiotechnology course”

2. Y3 NP Project by TJ, Thej

- Gold nanorods – Surface Enhanced Plasmon Resonance & Applications

- Preliminary ideas for manipulating gold nanrods from samples @ Cornell

- Samples being shipped to NSU

3. Y3 ENE Project by Amanda

- Apply size & scale concept in teaching materials for different disciplines

- Content/Topics to be drawn from research of Trainee’s

4. Nanobiotechnology Project by Vanessa (on behalf of group)

“Influence of substrate stiffness on release of calcium ions from astrocytes”

-          Presentation to be completed next week as ran out of time

Module Assignments: N/A

Management Assignments:

Tasha will order Educating Engineers Book for NSU – ASEE Paper

Dr. Black will draft outline for ASEE paper

Y3 ENE Project group to set up meeting with Dr. Black to develop timeline.


Next Meeting: 10/31/13  10:45am


Date: 10/17/13

Recorder: Marc

Trainees Attending: Sonny, Teresa, Quincy, Rabia, Vanessa, Marc, Amanda, Thej, Catherine, TJ 

Faculty Attending: Professor Black

Meeting Notes:
International Travel: June 20th to July 5. Identify research opportunities for collaboration or undertaking a stand-alone project (may require an extended stay in France).  Professor Black proposes that we send some trainees over to France early (meet faculty and students, attend lectures, workshops, seminars, etc.) during Feb or possibly March and establish collaboration opportunites and networks.  Need to determine who will go during the Summer in order to make reservations in advance.

Bionanotechnology project – Meeting on Wednesday 12pm to discuss project ideas and contributions from each member invovled

Engineering Education: Decide on a feasible idea

Teresa and Rabia: Reach out to faculty 

Module Assignments: Project updates (EE, NP,bionanotechnology project), Catherine will give herresearch update.

Management Assignments:

Next Meeting: 10/24/13, 10:45 am


Date: October 10, 2010

Recorder: Quincy Leon WIlliams

Trainees Attending: Quincy Williams, Teresa Kao, Catherine Berdanier, Thejaswi Tumkur, Marc Murphy, Sonny Penterman, Thomas (TJ) Wallin, Amanda Harding

Faculty Attending: Dr. Suely Black, Dr. Bruce VanDover, Dr. Kit Umbach

Meeting Notes:

  • ENE Project
    • Marc found workshop curriculum online geared towards teaching nanotechnology in secondary schools
    • Team needs to decide if deliverable will target developing a curriculum or a webpage
    • Tasha has four papers available for review
    • Teresa Kao research presentation on multicellular C-dot probes
      • Probes fabricated and analyzed
      • Over expression of certain dyes may indicate particle agglomeration

Module Assignments:

  • Junior trainees need to submit topic for research presentation

Management Assignments:

  • ENE Project
    • Team needs to determine a meeting schedule
    • Team needs to get all members IRB certified

Next Meeting: October 17, 2013 at 10:45 am


Date: 10/3/2013

Recorder: T.J.

Trainees Attending: Marc, Sonny, Teresa, T.J., Tasha, Catherine, Quincy, Thej (incomplete)

Faculty Attending: Dr. Black

Meeting Notes:

NP Update:

Sending two samples to NSU for initial characterization before attempting to design a system for more tailored applications.  The NP students will have to meet as a group to clarify the project.

Research update:

Sonny shared his research update focusing on his nanocrystal fluorescence.

Please be mindful of your audience.  Use these talks to present to an interdisciplinary perspective and try to make it so your audience can engage your research.

Everybody should ask questions, and feel free to stop the presenter if you want clarification.  Might be best to not share everything-so things aren't overwhelming.  Just focus on one or two points.

Module Assignments:

IR Module: Need to iron out the details for the Nanobiotechnology project.  Perhaps the NSU and Cornell IGERT students should join together to form a group and collaborate together.

Ethics Module:  Please attempt to complete the IRB training on your own.


Management Assignments:

Next Meeting: (10/10/2013) (10:45AM)

Teresa is presenting for Rabia and the ENE Project will give an update.


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