Date: Thursday, November 21, 2013

Recorder: Rabia Hussain

Trainees Attending: Thejaswi Tumkur, Quincy Williams, Catherine Berdanier, Tasha Zepherin, Sonny Penterman, Marc Murphy, Teresa Kao, Amanda Harding, Vanessa , Rabia Hussain

Faculty Attending: Dr. Suely Black

Meeting Notes:


  • Discussion about winter retreat at Cornell, Wed to Sat (6-9) Jan. 2014.
  • France trip: Need to send interest and names to Marc for background check.
  • Updated report about current projects:
      • Engg. Education project: Tasha presented the outline, summary and timeline of project.
      • Igert research project: Update by Thej. Didn’t notice any change in peaks intensity after shearing for 10 min. (we used the old sample which we made last week). Next step is to add DCM dye in these solvent free rods and see if we can see some noticeable change in emission peaks. Kinetics is another next step. TJ also sent a few absorption graphs, experiment done by him at Cornell earlier.
  • From next year (2014) we will have:
    • Ethics module and
    • Pedagogy
  • Dec. 12, 2013:  all projects are needed to be presented. Well-formed presentations, meeting may go to two hrs.
Next Meeting: Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 10:45am. (may proling for two hrs!)


Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013

Recorder: Quincy Leon Williams

Trainees Attending: Thejaswi Tumkur, Thomas (TJ) Wallin, Quincy Williams, Catherine Berdanier, Tasha Zepherin, Sonny Penterman, Marc Murphy, Teresa Kao, Rabia Hussain

Faculty Attending: Dr. Suely Black

Meeting Notes:

  • NP project: Update given by Thej. Research will be related to(1) alignment with gold nanorods (2) emission in vicinity of nanorods (3) nanorod self-organization
  • ENE project: Update given by Tasha. Will develop 2 pilot curricula for HS teachers. Possible topics (1) nanoparticles and catalysis (2) advantages/disadvantages of NP for solar cells (based on size and scale). Tasha will adopt some methods from ‘Next Generation Science Standards’
  • Nanobiotech project (junior trainees): Sonny and Quincy gave update. Experimental setup will need to account for Ca2+ ions in nutritional medium. PDMS is best substrate due to resistance of wrinkling.
  • Catherine reviewed timeline for BME6670 report.

Module Assignments:

  • NP project: Please update slides with some background information (what you already know either from literature review or from previous experiments by T.J.)
  • ENE project: Compile the updates and send it to Dr. Black.
  • NanoBiotech: Please compile a report/summary of the literature review and description of experimental methods from each member (about 1 page). Please also compile the slides for presentation on Thursday -- they should be close to the final ones, as we should have a presentation in a couple of weeks.
  • Catherine: let me know if you will have something new to report.

Management Assignments:

Next Meeting: Thursday, December 3, 2013 at 10:45am.




Date: 11/7/2013

Recorder: Vanessa Peters

Trainees attending: Thej, Tasha, Catherine, Rabia, TJ, Marc, Sonny, Teresa, Quincy, Amanda, Vanessa

Faculty attending: Dr. Suely Black and Dr. Mikhail Noginov


Meeting Notes:

There will not be a meeting held on December 5, 2013. The presentations that were scheduled on that day will take place on December 12, 2013. Final presentations will be made by all groups and faulty will hopefully be in attendance. This will be the last meeting of this semester.

Plans for winter retreat need to be finalized soon. Possible suggestions for presentations and professional development should be made to Dr. Black or Sonny as soon as possible.

Updates were given by each of the groups on progress in their respective projects. Thej gave updates on the technical project, Tasha gave updates on the engineering education project, and each group member in the first/second year nanobiotech project gave an update based on their assigned task.

All groups will meet with Dr. Black again next week prior to the next IGERT meeting.

Next meeting: November 14, 2013 at 10:45am

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