IGERT summer meeting 23rd July 2013, Tuesday 300 pm


-  “Summary retreat recap and fall plans”, document is in dropbox

-  Recap of assignments for junior and senior Trainees

-  Senior Trainee projects:

Final deliverable: publication or something reportable before April 2014

Will include each deliverable from Senior trainee projects in annual report

-  Education publication (Senior Trainee Project #1): TJ, Marc, Amanda, Tasha

IRB training needs to be completed before start of Fall semester, or do it as soon as possible.

In principle, training should be completed before starting work on the project

All training is online.

-    Technical publication/proposal (Senior Trainee Project #2): Thej, TJ, Rabia

Some junior Trainees may join!

-    International program: Vanessa, Marc

Think and plan something one month from now. (i.e. location, activities, and how? Look for connections!)

-    Biotech course (Junior Trainees)

Will substitute for IR module

May be taken for credit hours

-    Ethics and IRB

Module will include IRB training for human subject experiments

-    Pedagogy

1- use pedagogy technique to design something for science teachers.

2- Produce one paper (publication). It can be written for engineering education venue.

-  Plan to publish paper on our IGERT-MNM model. Probably all of us should be an author.

-    Next meeting: Thursday,  August 22nd,2013,  1:00 pm

Representative from each module or project will need to present their group's plans for next year

-    Kick off meeting 5th Sep. 2013 (Faculty+trainees)

- Ensure room 209 reservation-Send a reminder to Ms. West.

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