January 30, 2013

Minutes by: Amanda Harding

Attendance: Mohammad, Amanda, Rabia, Quincy, Olu, Ahmad, Thej, Seth, Vanessa, Teresa, Sonny, Marc

Faculty: Dr. Black

Tracee Harris Presentation: "An Effective White Paper: The Business of Science"

Anyone interested in international travel?

  • France
  • 3-4 weeks
  • find science/research to do in someone's lab

Due next week:

  1. Another draft of your white paper (should be very close to the final form at this point) *Get feedback from your advisor if you haven't yet!*
  2. Evaluation for IR module
  3. Elevator speech

Next Meeting: Wednesday, Feb 6, 2013 2:30-4:00


Date: January 23, 2013

Technical Writing Module Week 3

Members Present: Mohammad Mayy, Rabia Hussain, Seth Rylander, Vanessa Peters, Lei Gu, Ahmad Mozafari, Sonny Penterman, Thomas (TJ) Wallin, Teresa Kao, Marc Murphy, Oluwakayode  Bamiduro, Thejaswi Tumkur, Tasha Zephirin, Quincy Williams

  • Dr. Black is trying to arrange a guest speaker for this module (possibly from Georgia Tech). For now, she will give presentations from book  “Writing Successful Writing Proposals” by Friedland and Folt
  • Dr. Black asks that webpage committee schedule a meeting for webpage redesign.
  • Summer retreat scheduling has begun with committee leader Seth Rylander
    • Arranged for trip to Jefferson Lab on Wednesday during the retreat
    • Plan for possible ‘Fun Day’ at the beach
    • Request additional ideas for activities
    • Vanessa Peters volunteered to assist with summer retreat planning
    • Dr. Black checked to see if advisors met with Trainees about first draft of white paper
    • Dr. Black did slide presentation. Title: “Research Proposal Structure”. Presentation is in dropbox under Resources.
    • Independent Research Module evaluation will be posted soon
    • Meeting adjourned early.

January 16, 2013

Minutes by: Amanda Harding

Attendance: Vanessa, Mohammad, Amanda, Rabia, Thej, Marc, TJ, Sonny, Teresa, Tasha, Seth, Quincy, Olu, Lei

Faculty: Dr. Black

1) Website: Modify module pages for year 3.

2) Offsite retreat feedback:

-Valuable? Yes, particulary Dr. Malliaras' talk

- If you want to go to France, let Dr. Black know

- Next year, anyone who doesn't go to Cornell will participate in the retreat from wherever they are

3) Discussion of what feedback the trainees received from faculty.

4) Dr. Black: discussion of "Example for Submitting a Research Topic Proposal"

- work in pairs to analyze the example white paper

project the feedback you came up with to your own proposal

Before next meeting: get feedback from your advisor

Assignment: Write one page (minimum) on your experience or thoughts on proposal writing, due Jan. 22 downloaded to Dropbox.

Next Meeting: Jan 23


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