6/6/12 Tanya

Attendance: TJ, Marc, Tasha, Quincy,  Amanda, Tanya, Ahmad, Thej,  Rabia, Santosh, Viru, Olu, Hareesh, Sha'La, Seth, Lei, Casey

Professors: Dr.Monica Cox, Dr. Black, Dr. Noginova, Dr. Pradhan, Dr. Noginov


  • IGERT Retreat starts this week: June 5-8, 2012
  • Please check the dropbox for retreat agenda, poster guidelines, and presentation guidelines (for who is scheduled to present).
  • Dr. Cox started off the the retreat with a presentation on Engineering Education and Research.
  • Dr. Noginova led the discussion on evaluation and planning of modules for next year.
  • Module Goals for next year: Focus on Magnetic Materials for Biomedical Applications
  • New Module Groups:
-Writing: Thej, Amanda, Ahmad, Seth
-Indep. Research: TJ, Quincy, Lei, Viru, Mayy, Hareesh
-IP and Ethics: Marc, Olu, Rabia, Santosh
-Pedagogy: Tasha, Sha'La, Tanya, Casey


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