7/20/12 Hareesh/Sha’La

Attendance: Olu, Tanya, Hareesh, Sha’La, Casey, Lei, Rabia, Marc, Mayy, Ahmad, Seth, Tasha, Thej, Quincy

Professors: Dr. Black


  • Talked about the deadlines for upcoming weeks:
    • NSU Trainees meeting – Friday, July 27
    • NSU Associate Trainees meeting (recruiting) – Wed, August 1
    • IGERT-MNM Highlight document – August 1
    • Committee work tasks/timeline – August 15
    • Fall meeting time decision – August 15
    • IGERT-MNM Ethical Practices – August 15
    • Advising best practices survey – August 15
    • Complete syllabi for modules – August 30

  • Discussed the possibility of submitting a journal paper on IGERT practices
  • Each module leader presented the proposed syllabus for this upcoming school year
  • Each committee leader  presented their plan for organizing the group
    • Work should be spread between ALL IGERT trainees, not just committee members
    • The minutes committee will be responsible for both the meeting minutes AND the news/announcements


  • Trainees need to put up directions on how trainees/professors can connect using cell phone (conference call information).
  • All trainees need to complete and upload their profiles by August 1.  Should you need assistance, use Amanda’s profile as a reference.

Next meeting for ALL TRAINEES scheduled for Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 1:00 pm.

Meeting for NSU ASSOCIATE TRAINEES (and potential trainees) on August 1 after the general meeting.

Meeting for NSU IGERT TRAINEES on Friday, July 27, 2012 (please check email for time).


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