8/15/12 Minutes by Hareesh

Attendance: Olu, Tanya, Hareesh, Lei, Mayy, Seth, Amanda, Vanessa, TJ

Professors: Dr. Black

Assignments/Deadlines: Please upload your trainee profile to the website. Directions have been emailed to you.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, Sept. 5, 9:50 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


  • Requested to add evaluations from Pedagogy and Writing modules to the Dropbox.
  • All trainees and Associate Trainees are requested to upload their profiles.
  • Decided to keep Winter Retreat in the second week of January.
  • Calendar for all the modules and events were updated excluding Independent Research module.
  • Agreed to keep only one week for spring break ( March 14th week) instead of having three weeks off.
  • Igert meetings are going to be every Wednesday from 9:50 AM to 11:30 AM.
  • Opening meeting is going to be Sep 5th.
  • Amanda requested all the trainees and associate trainees to check the website for their schedule to do minutes.
  • Lei talked about the website committee future plans.
  • TJ talked about the updated Syllabus for the IR module.
  • Senior trainees are agreed to present first.
  • Tanya mentioned that pedagogy module syllabus is going be tailored based on the activities and outcomes from the IR module.
  • Seth mentioned that technical writing module committee has almost finalized their syllabus.

8/1/12 Minutes by: Amanda Harding

Attendance: Amanda, Mohammad, Vanessa, Marc, TJ, Tanya, Sha'La, Ahmad, Hareesh, Seth, Thej, Quincy, Casey, Rabia.
Professors: Dr. Black


  1. Module syllabi must be completed and uploaded by August 15.
  2. Presentation schedule first draft to be prepared by August 15 (IR Module).
  3. Ask faculty for good/bad white paper examples (Writing Module).
NEXT MEETING: August 15, 2012, 1:00 p.m.

Module Presentations

Independent Research (Presented by Mohammad)

  • Resources are available on Dropbox (literature on bio, magnetics, magnetic medicine, etc.)
  • Let them know if anything else is needed


  • Quincy: more resources for optical nanomaterials, nanophotonics
  • Dr. Black: need more nanostructures for bio applications
  • TJ: stick to magnetic nanoparticles that relate to your specific research field
  • Dr. Black: focus on how nanomaterials affect the body, look for a review article on nanomaterials for biomedical applications; what are the fundamental concepts in the field? (find some resource: web, literature, etc.)
    • Design an assignment to do while watching the resource videos so that we can get more out of the videos
    • All trainees should look for references that apply to what you want to do, then upload the resources and write a summary
    • Make a word document on Dropbox for references/summaries
    • Put links to references on the website
  • To finalize the preparations for the module:
    • we still need a list of activities, assignments, and how they are evaluated
    • make a folder in Dropbox for documents to be used by the group (e.g. guidelines, assignments, rubrics, evaluation summaries)
    • we may invite a speaker (ask Dr. Noginova): look at the literature and choose someone to invite
    • begin preparing the schedule (senior trainees will be first)
    • want to have a time limit on student presentations with enforcement
    • decide on time limit for first talk (20-25 minutes?)
  • IR Module Specifics:
    • first talk should be a thorough review of the literature, less info about specific details of your proposed plan

Technical Writing (Presented by Thej)

  • Syllabus contains more details, including specific assignments
  • Improved the schedule (see syllabus)
  • need to add resources, rubrics
  • need to ask faculty for bad/good examples of white papers
  • ask Tracee Weaver if she will provide feedback on our white papers

Pedagogy (Presented by Sha'La)

  • More student-centered than last year
  • Dr. Cox still needs to approve the syllabus
  • Tasha needs to upload the new syllabus


  • We should create a video linked to our profiles or uploaded to NSF IGERT website

IP/Ethics (Presented by Marc)

  • Preparing this module to be structured around biomedical/biotechnical applications
  • Case studies will be used as weekly reading assignments
  • Meetings will include discussion of case studies
  • Weekly assignments will be to sumamarize/respond to the case studies with references
  • Would like to invite a speaker

Committee Presentations



  • Cut "Announcements"; add "News, Accomplishments"
  • Archive old minutes
  • Assign minutes duties to other trainees



  • Rabia, please invite everyone to Google calendar
  • Add new committees (2012) to website



  • Send out surveys to determine what activities we will do during Winter 2012 Retreat
  • Choose Winter 2012 Retreat dates



  • Make a template for module evaluations

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