4/26/2012 T.J.

Attendance: TJ, Tasha,, Seth, Sha'La, Quincy, Mohammad, Amanda, Tanya, Ahmad, Thej, Lei, Rabia, Hareesh

Professors: Dr. Black, Dr. Umbach, Dr. Monica Cox

Guests: Dr. and Mrs. John Hall


  • The reference text How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School by Bransford can now be viewed in .pdf form in the dropbox.  (IGERT-MNM>Modules>Teaching and Learning>HPL.pdf)
  • We shared our summaries and discussions from the previous week’s reading assignments (Chapters 2,3, and 5 in How People Learn).  Topics included: Novice/Expert, Learning & Transfer, and Mind & Brain.
  • The summaries of those chapters can be viewed in the dropbox folder.  (IGERT-MNM>Modules>Teaching and Learning>HWs>HW1)
  • The discussion was led by PowerPoint made by Tasha.  That PowerPoint will be added to the dropbox.


  • Deliverable for next week: Based on the past week’s reading (Chapters 2,3, and 5 in How People Learn) and the discussions we had on 4/26/12, write a 1-page minimum reflection on an aspect that resonates most with you.   This and all homework assignments will be double-spaced, Times New Roman, Font size 12, in a Microsoft Word document and placed in the Dropbox folder (IGERT-MNM>Modules>Teaching and Learning>HWs>HW2) by NOON BEFORE the following meeting.
  • Read Chapters 1 and 6 in How People Learn and add your short reflection on the reading to the googlegroup (igert-mnm-ed@googlegroups.com)
  • All assignments can be seen on the module syllabus available in the dropbox (IGERT-MNM>Modules>Teaching and Learning>BPTL_Syllabus_v10.docx)
  • Submit your NSF survey.  Help Dr. Black with your input to the following question:  Please describe up to three research or educational achievements/outcomes involving either a single trainee or a group of trainees made possible through the participation of trainees in your IGERT project during this reporting period.


4/19/2012   OLU

Attendance: Olu, TJ, Amanda, Santosh, Rabia, Casey, Hareesh, Thej, Ahmad, Santosh, Viro, Lei, Tasha

Professors: Dr. Umbach, Dr.Monica Cox


  • Presenters for this week: Tasha, Hareesh
  • We started a new Module: Education Module Best Practices in Teaching and Learning Part 1 of 8.
  • Everyone should check the announcements weekly.
  • Reading assignments are on Google group.  It is imperative that you go to the link below and request to be added to the group.  ADDITION TO THE GROUP REQUIRES INSTRUCTORS APPROVAL. https://groups.google.com/d/forum/igert-mnm-ed
  • All homework assignments will be double-spaced, Times New Roman, Font size 12, in a Microsoft Word document and placed in the Drop box folder by NOON BEFORE the following meeting.
  • As a suggestion from Dr. Cox, start creating your folder NOW because this module builds as the weeks progress.  This will ultimately keep things organized.
  • Amanda is responsible for the evaluations conducted on Hareesh's presentation while Heareesh is responsible for Tasha's evaluation.


  • Assignments may be viewed on share drive (Dropbox.com) in the "Teaching and Learning" folder within the word document starting on page 3 .
  • Also review the word document for supplemental reading

4/12/2012 Sha’La

Attendance: Olu, TJ, Mohammad, Amanda, Quincy, Santosh, Rabia, Casey, Sha’La, Seth, John

Professors: Dr. Black, Dr. Umbach, Dr. Pradhan


  • Presenters for this week: Olu, Sha’La Casey
  • Presentations for next week:  Tasha and Hareesh
  • Going to transition into the new module next week
  • Dr. Black stressed the importance of getting to the meeting on time
  • Everyone should check the announcements weekly


  • Upload Outlines and Presentations on share drive (Dropbox.com)
  • 2 Hard Copies of Outline need to be given to Dr. Black ASAP
  • Upload trainee profiles
  • Upload evaluations into evaluation’s folder onto share drive (Dropbox.com)
  • Need to start overall evaluation of the Independent Research Module
  • Presentation Evaluation Assignments:   Seth to do Sha’La’s evaluations, TJ to do Olu’s evaluations, Sha’La to do Casey’s Evaluations
  • White Paper on proposal due May 15

5th April, 2012 (Posted by Rabia)

Meeting Minutes

Attendees : Thej, TJ, Dr. Bruce, Dr. C Samantary, Dr. Black, Mayy, Amanda,Santosh, Quincy, Rabia, Hareesh, John, Tanya, Lei, Casey, Viru, Ahmad, Dr. Williams, Seth, Sha’La, Dr. Pradhan

Presenters: Thej, Seth, TJ, Marc, (Olu's presentation will be next week)


  • Presenters delivered presentations followed by Qs and discussion.
  • Dr. Black reminded all  of us to do a few things, listed below.
  • Dr. Black reminded about IP rights and Ethics and asked us to be mindful of it.

Things to do:

  • Upload Evaluation summary to Drop box
  • Upload power point presentations to drop box, instead of using flash drive while presenting.
  • A white paper is due after the presentations, on 15th May 2012.
  • Review of white paper outline- rubric is in drop box and schedule is at igertmnm website. There are primary and secondary evaluators for each presenter. Secondary evaluator is supposed to identify two main things in white paper.
  • White papers may be evaluated by a review panel during summer retreat.
  • Dr. Black showed a presentation about  “Expert thinking”.



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