2014 Fall Materials Science Day at NSU: Attendees and Schedule


Graduate students and faculty, representing four National Science Foundation grants (PREM/RISE/CREST/IGERT), planned and executed an outstanding outreach event called “2014 Center for Materials Research Fall Materials Science Day at Norfolk State University” for AP Chemistry students and teachers from two Norfolk, Virginia high schools.  NSU graduate students presented brief talks, touching on laboratory safety and the science behind four broadly relevant STEM hands-on activities, and faculty from NSU spoke on academic opportunities at NSU as well as their current research endeavors.  Students conducted hands-on demonstrations--Oil Spills: The Unwanted “Thin Film”, Quantum Dot Power, The Many Colors of Gold and Scattering Light—easily capturing the attention of the students and teachers while concurrently adding to their science understanding.  Mention of several other NSU-CMR outreach/research events, such as hosting of the local competition for the National Chemistry Olympiad and Summer Research Programs, were included in the day’s offerings.  As a reflection of the collaborative emphasis of all the funding projects, a PhD student from Purdue University’s PREM program teleconferenced with the NSU attendees, giving a highly informative and forward-thinking presentation entitled, “Microelectronics & Transistors:  How They Work and What's Next”, offering listeners a practical look at the burgeoning field of materials research and the need for fresh, creative, innovative minds to pursue ongoing study in the field.  The four-hour event was a tremendous success, and several attendees commented on how glad they were to learn of opportunities they previously didn’t even know existed.


Granby High (left) and Norfolk Collegiate High AP Chemistry Students and Teachers with Dr. Suely Black.

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