2014 Fall Materials Science Day at NSU: Presentations and Activities


AP students and teachers gathered to hear presentations from IGERT/PREM/CREST/RISE-participating faculty and students.  In the first picture below, Norfolk State University experimental physicist, materials scientist and NSF Meta-PREM PI Dr. Mikhail Noginov presents a background talk about metamaterials, suggesting to the audience that the "invisibility cloak" in Harry Potter may one day move from fiction to fact.


IGERT Trainee Vanessa Peters (left) speaks to the group about light and the electromagnetic spectrum, describing some of the characteristics of nanoscale metamaterials that make them distinct relative to light interaction.  Trainee Kevin Tanyi (right) presents information on thin film fabrication and applications.


Both IGERT and PREM involve faculty and students from other institutions in collaborative endeavors, permitting enhanced benefit for all through shared resources and expertise.  In the picture below, PREM Student Council member Nate Kinsey, from collaborating Purdue University, makes a teleconference visit, speaking on transistors, semiconductors and the future of technology from a materials science, nanostructures perspective.


Students conducted hands-on demonstrations--Oil Spills: The Unwanted “Thin Film”, Quantum Dot Power, The Many Colors of Gold and Scattering Light—easily capturing the attention of the students and teachers while concurrently adding to their science understanding.

Trainee Andre Taylor speaks to Granby High students and their instructor about the characteristics of light scattering


First-year Trainee Monique Farrell explains some principles of "Quantum Dots", the smallest of nanoparticles used in semiconductors.


Visiting students watch Trainee Srujana Prayakarao and NSU graduate student Vincent Romo explain "The Many Colors of Gold", as they discuss particle size, particle distribution and the response of particles to different wavelengths of light.

South Africa on innovative technologies Nano-INNOV Nederland