IGERT-MNM France International Experience


IGERT-MNM France Trip July 2014

Jul 2-7: Center of Microelectronics in Provence, Gardanne,
Lab visits
Education overview
IGERT trainee presentations
- Nanostructure fabrication for biomedical applications
- 3D cell culture
- Wearable OrgElectronics


July 8: CEA Cadarache/ITER construction site
Cadarache is one of the 10 research centres of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Half of the basic nuclear facilities existing within the CEA infrastructure are located on the Cadarache site.
ITER is a multi-national, large-scale scientific experiment that aims to demonstrate the technological and scientific feasibility of fusion energy.
They will visit the ITER, and will have opportunity to meet and talk to researchers doing work in renewable energy and building a fusion plant


July 9-11: École de Mines Nationale Supérieure de Saint Etienne
University visit
Lab visits
IGERT trainee presentations


July 11-15: Visit to Paris
Cultural exploration – visit to landmarks and museums
Group meetings with reflections/ compilation data for publication


July 16-17: CEA Grenoble
CEA-Grenoble is one of the pillars of the Grenoble innovation ecosystem. It is composed of 4 large research institutes: LETI is one of the major research institute in micronanotechnologies in France; LITEN is a fast growing research institute in new technology for enegery focusing mainly on photovoltaic energy, batteries and fuel cells; INAC is a large research institute focusing on nanosciences and cryogenics; iRTSV explores the integrated functions of proteins.
Campus visit
Lab visits
IGERT trainee presentations


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